Once in awhile .. from time to time .. life suddenly and drastically and instantaneously gets VERY intense. Ask Tom 48067 about this. I have no real choice but to write about this because what he is dealing with has intimately and personally and deeply touched my own life. My writing here helps me to unload and to release some of the stress I am feeling. And by-the-way I would feel badly If any of you think for one instant that just because I am in Hong Kong life is all fun and games and merriment.

I have one and I have only one really close friend here in Hong Kong. He got me set up with my China Mobile Cell Phone and he got me set up with my studio apartment. He has been absolutely and he has been positively invaluable in my Hong Kong adventure.

This early morning I was in my studio apartment here on Mercer Street relaxing .. just kicking-on-back writing to Patti .. when suddenly right out of the blue .. I received the following text message(s) from him.

02:11:19 .. Hi Cap, can you call in the morning? Thanks.

02:18:04 ..Yes .. After the Morning mtg at St. Joseph’s Church. I am up now but am not able to talk now. Where are you BKK .. HKG .. or ? .. Smiles .. Your Ally .. Cap (I had no idea where he was .. last we texted he was in Bangkok.)

02:27:20 AM .. Sorry to ask. Can you get me electrolyte tomorrow. Maybe survive. Maybe pocari sweat, red bull, can sweet coffee or tea, maybe some food. Can drop city loft office, I’m sick ask them to bring with keys. I can’t get up. I have no cash I will give them personal computer for payment. Thx Cap, I’ll see you in a couple days don’t want to pass on. Thanks maybe you’ll save my life.

02:28:37AM ..Ensure the premade ones. I can’t walk.

02:51:39 AM Can’t open the 3 doors (to his apartment) .. Oh a few tubes of berocca also pharm or 7 – 11 ..

02:55:52 AM .. Will be at City Loft when they open 9AM I think. Cap ..

03:11:59 AM .. Thanks so much.

03:16:10 AM .. Over and Out I am tired and must sleep but will be at City Loft at 9am .. Cap

City Loft is the firm that manages the apartments we both occupy. I went straight over to their building but it was locked down tight as a drum at 3AM. I called and left them a telephone voice mail message. I returned at 8AM. The building was still closed.

9AM I was there with a full liter bottle of chilled Pocari Sweat an outstanding medical Ion replacement drink from Japan. I briefly explained the situation and INSTANTANEOUSLY one of the employees and I were on-the-run to his place.

Not good at all. I got his keys and off I dashed. Got more Pocari Sweat .. 6 cans of liquid Ensure .. Berocca tablets which are a vitamin and mineral supplement .. (NO I am not kidding for one instant here) and I got him several Snickers (food?) bars ..

09:28:18 AM .. Please don’t call ambulance yet. ..

Sorry there are no answers here. Questions? Too many to even consider getting into.

Cap ..

The rat poison I took last Monday was the wrong kind. I woke up this early morning and didn’t know what to do so I called you Cap.

God of Abraham you sure don’t give me the easy cases here. Ah-h-h-h I had some other plans here today Oh God of Abraham.

My own three .. and my only three first cousins .. Clive and Joan and Doug .. each successfully committed suicide. My mother and their mother were TWIN SISTERS. I feel this issue is within my own DNA and within my own Genes. It is up close and very VERY personal for me.

3 thoughts on “FEB 13, 2015 .. FRIDAY THE 13th .. REAL LIFE AND DEATH DRAMA ..

    1. Cap

      Linda he sure will need all the prayers he can get! So nice to hear from you and to know you are following along as time permits. Smiles .. Cap .. GO SEMINOLES ..

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