In my last post .. FEB 13, 2015 .. FRIDAY THE 13th .. REAL LIFE AND DEATH DRAMA ..

Way down at the bottom of the Post .. after I signed off .. only then and in these tiny little letters .. I kind of whispered about the (hush) word .. suicide .. 

Do all of you know what ‘back channel’ communication is? In this case ‘back channel’ communication is person to person e-mail contact. Very private and between only the sender and the recipient.

One of my very closest friends and one of my advisers asked me about the post. I think from my reply which I am posting below that you can get the jist of the concern expressed.

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Interesting thoughts .. I Thank You Very Much for them.

To begin with .. I gave it considerable thought and I discussed it with my closest advisor before I posted the Post. I told my closest advisor the following:

IF you say NO don’t post it .. I will delete it with nothing more said.

Actually my friend is quite anonymous isn’t he .. I name him as a friend .. I did say HE so you know his sex and I nearly did not even do this .. Actually you have no real information about him do you? .. You could neither contact him nor could you find him if your lives depended upon doing so! .. You don’t really know anything about him do you? .. age .. looks .. height .. weight .. hair color or style or is he bald or balding .. what do you know about him really ? Could you find him in a crowd of people ? I think not .. Can you contact his other friends or his family? What are you or anyone else going to tell what to?

The ISSUE of SUICIDE however does ring bells and touch lives .. Should we be hush hush and pretend that the elephant in the living room .. that gigantic elephant that no one in the living room is even acknowledging .. doesn’t exist?

By the way suicide certainly is mentioned in the press and on television and radio and the internet. Real names are mentioned accompanied by intimate details of their lives also. Robin Williams ?? Whitney Houston ?? I could go on and on and on commited suicide or took their own life. I am not personally aware of people writing to the news media and ringing their bell about them naming names and GIVING DETAILS .. Robin Williams hung himself with a belt! While his wife was sleeping in the other room.

Maybe .. just possibly .. some one some place who I will never know or meet .. could gain some glimmer of assistance seeing that I had to deal with this issue real and live and up close and what I did or didn’t do .. maybe they will NOT feel alone because I for one expressed my own personal experience on the Post ..

You have to realize how UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL SUICIDE IS TO ME!!

I did mention at the bottom of the Post that my only three first cousins successfully commited suicide. But let me continue.

I would not even be in recovery IF Judy Marron had not gotten me into recovery. Judy Marron just maybe saved my own life. I owe Judy Marron and I will owe Judy Marron for the rest of my life!! Oh by the way .. on a Sunday afternoon in San Francisco Judy Marron drank a fifth of gin .. the empty bottle was in her car that Judy Marron called ‘Piss Pot’ .. then drove ‘Piss Pot’ to the center of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco .. Judy Marron then calmly parked ‘Piss Pot’ at the curb .. got up onto the railing of the bridge and cut her wrists (Judy Marron was a surgical nurse from Viet Nam and knew her stuff!) and jumped.

THAT MATE WAS A SUICIDE! .. Oh Hi Crocodile Dundee!

I will NOT give out any more details of people I have held bleeding all over me in an emergency room etc etc .. suffice it to say I have been deeply touched by suicide! ..

Oh By The Way .. I WOULD NEVER EVER HAVE MET PATTI BUT FOR THE ISSUE OF SUICIDE that was being discussed in a meeting.

I am not afraid to talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to the topic of suicide.


I just added the word .. Suicide .. to my list of labels for people to be able to see and to access posts that mention it.

As Always And As Ever ..

Smiles .. Cap ..

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There you have it still with no answers.

Cap ..

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