Back here in time somewhere in this web site.. I wrote .. words to the effect that .. when one gets sick over here or in another country.. we all try to analyze and try to figure out what we did WRONG .. we want a reason ..

WHY ?  So we can change something because it is bad to feel BAD ..

IF I recall correctly..  it would have driven Howard Hughes mad .. maybe it did.. maybe he came to India .. and the rest is history ..

Well I did this..BEGAN to analyze why I got sick again.. you can not help but do this.. was it my favorite restaurant.. so I stopped going there.. switched restaurants.. could not find a good one..

NO ANSWERS.. never are.. BUT ..

I AM changing one thing.. 

ON THIS TRIP.. up to this point.. totally against all I have learned in twenty one (21) years.. I have been licking the perhaps six hundred (600) POSTAGE STAMPS I have used on post cards ..

On all prior trips I have wet wash cloths and pressed postage stamps onto the wet wash cloths and with tweezers.. affixed the postage stamps to post cards .. never ever putting them into my mouth..

BECAUSE I have no idea who has touched them and what they have had on their hands that I don’t want in my mouth ..


BILL .. you at 48073 .. you at ‘ 1616 ‘ .. we just spoke several times.. smiles and tell Cheri we hope she gets to feeling better.. GREAT TO TALK WITH YOU  ‘ slack dog ‘ ..


So that may.. and that may not help .. NOT HAVING THE HANDS OF ALL POSTAL PEOPLE IN MY MOUTH..

and captain here you had them all believing you know what you are doing..

BUT right now I feel better but have little or no energy.. feeling great but no zip.. so I take a nap.. and do something and take another ..

a nap NOW sounds good..

WITH LOVE AND A SMILE.. over and out.. Cap..

PS.. twice now..I have again gone back to my favorite restaurant with NO ILL effects ..