Yesterday I wrote a few words about being sick or being ill and the constant seeking and search for the reason(s) why..

BECAUSE it is a very distressing thing to be ill half way around the world ..

oxy-moron.. THAT statement.. it is DISTRESSING TO BE ILL ANYWHERE YOU ARE .. captain you’ve got to tighten this up..

I went on to write about the issue of me putting into my mouth and licking well over six hundred (600) POSTAGE STAMPS that I have put onto the post cards I have mailed to you all.. and the fact the hands of many postal clerks were.. in effect.. in MY MOUTH .. and the fact I have always used wet wash cloths and tweezers to do this .. NEVER EVER LICKING POSTAGE STAMPS ..

as idiotic and as stupid as this sounds.. I sort of had some reasons..

this is a stretch captain to justify this stupidity.. let’s hear it captain..

I have mentioned many times Howard Hughes and his horrific obsession with germs at the end of his life .. so let’s look at some facts for me..

1.  I do not want to go there.. I do not want to become obsessed with germs.. and I think it could happen to me.. not to his extent I don’t think but.. in fact I often pick up.. dust off.. and eat food I drop on the floor.. like a nut or a cracker so I don’t get germ paranoid..

2.  YOUR BODY MUST develop anti-bodies to combat local germ issues.. and one way your body does this.. is to effectively fight infections as they arise.. you can NOT STOP all of the bad guys from getting into your body..

3.  IT IS A FACT THAT .. possibly 90% of my stamps I purchase in full sheets .. so there is very little human touch on each and on every single stamp on a full sheet of stamps..

4.  On one of my infamous .. zero to ten scales.. where zero is the sniffles and a cold.. and ten is life threatening trouble.. and I HAVE HAD  A TEN OR TWO.. this recent bout was a ho-hum .. let me think .. I’d give this recent two-months of issues.. about a .. two.. maybe a two point five ..  not any really BIG DEAL.. nuisance thing.. bothersome..


HOW EVVAH .. I am NOT  going to lick one more postage stamp !

And it is slow..  BUT I am ‘ snapping back ‘   ..  the age thing can NOT be ignored ..


TID-BIT ..  Bobba and his cockroaches ..

Now that I have been here in Agra Cantt for coming up to two weeks.. I have concluded THAT ..

The few (NOW dead) cockroaches that were in my room had hitch-hiked.. were stow-aways in my baggage ..  FROM CALCUTTA..

CATEGORICALLY I WILL STATE :  there is NO COCKROACH problem here whatsoever..

NOR ANY OTHER INSECTS inside my room ..

WITH THIS STUNNING NEWS IT IS ovahha and out .. with love..  cap..