NOVEMBER already.. I am now INTO my THIRD month of this trip.. whew ! I flew from San Francisco to Hong Kong.. leaving SFO on Tuesday.. August 30th.. so with my fingers and with my toes.. that counts two full months complete and into month three..

I should make a category of ..  And You Ask Me.. “Cap.. why is it you LOVE India ? ” ..

For one thing.. each and every single day is different.. an adventure.. an experience..


(this first activity alone will STOP most of you).. You are out for a late afternoon stroll.. you know.. a grocery run.. you see two large bull (male) cows and you stop to take a photograph of these two bull cows doing a little ‘ head butting ‘ .. after you shoot your shot and you are looking at the image on your digital camera .. one of them ‘ takes serious exception to you taking their photo  .. and he ‘ saunters ‘ over to you and with no warning.. this 1,200 or so pound bull HEAD BUTTS you and actually pushes you pretty hard ..

You are wearing your open toed sandals..

You turn A QUICK 180 degrees and begin to walk away from this  gigantic animal.. and in so doing.. you do an absolutely positively perfect wedge shot into a huge fresh cow pie with your right foot ..

I would say.. ” No shit Captain ” but .. yes ..

I toyed with the oh so what I will continue my shopping ..

Then reality set in.. it was uncomfortable walking with all of this stuff oozing through my right footed  toes ..

Back to my hotel.. wash right sandal.. wash right foot.. discover unknown fact ! .. I had also stepped onto the top of the cow pie with my left foot .. wash left sandal.. wash left foot ..oh yeah .. clean the floor .. this stuff tracked in with me and onto the floor ..

Oh yeah.. one hour shot to hell ..

Put on clean socks and shoes.. and back out.. now night and dark.. looking carefully all trip for cow pies ..

ok in unison.. “Cap.. will you tell us again exactly what it is you LOVE so much about India ? “

smiles a mile wide.. much love.. cap ..