The so called ‘Bottom Line’ for me here in Hong Kong is this:

I am having a lot of fun living here in Hong Kong. This short snippet in the midst of my day was such a joy.

I have a real clothing color-preference for what I call  BLAZE YELLOW .. IT IS HARD TO SEE BUT IT SAYS .. BLAZE YELLOW!

It has everything to do with safety. I want .. I need .. to be seen.  This is not unique to Hong Kong. In India if I am not visible I am in real danger. Even in a Wal-Mart parking lot in the U.S. I want and I need to be visible.


Patti .. Doesn’t this photo bring back a rush-of-memories! You snapped it.

I have several safety vests and jackets and shirts and a cap in this color.


My camera neck lanyard is also this color.


As is my MTR Octopus card lanyard. An Octopus Card is a pre-paid card that you load with cash and use for a myriad of purchases including fares on the buses and the Hong Kong MTR.


Today I was riding the Hong Kong MTR and I spied a man wearing a shirt of this color.  I was not wearing any BLAZE YELLOW (BLAZE YELLOW) clothing BUT I did have my Octopus Card and lanyard around my neck.


I caught the eye of the gentleman wearing a bright yellow shirt. I hooked my thumb under my Octopus Card lanyard and pointed to its color and gave him a thumbs up for his shirt. He understood what I meant and we had a nice exchange. It was a lot more fun than I am able to convey here but I hope you ‘get-the-idea’ of my joy connecting with a local Hong Kong resident.


I will assume that he was smiling!

Well .. I AM .. Smiling! .. Cap ..

4 thoughts on “JUN 15, 15 .. JUST A LITTLE FUN ON THE HONG KONG MTR ..

  1. Patti

    I LOVE that you dress in bright colors TO BE SEEN. It is critical with the traffic and the crowds over there. So, thank you! Nice to see the picture of you with Mr. Yuen again … you brighten his day … will never forget how he jumped out of the crowd in the subway to stand in front of you, smiling from ear to ear. Sweet! Hugs. Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Having HIM find us was really special. Having you there to snap our photo was really special also. He was tickled with himself for sure. Funny the BLAZE YELLOW color did not show up well in the Post. Love .. Cap ..

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