Just in case you have not been following along here with me for some time .. I plan to go to Mongolia on July 16th returning August 3rd. You can click at the top of this page on .. TRAVEL PLANS .. 16 JULY 2015 .. for more information.

This is such a ‘learning process’. Let’s see IF any of you can access the three below internet links.

BUT .. since I myself am one who gets a tad ‘nutso’ about internet links .. let me tell you what they are.

IF you want to research this yourselves do the following:

‘GOOGLE’ .. Mongolia measles .. go to both Google US and Google HK .. to be sure ..

There you will find information (the information I am giving you via the three internet links below) about a Fairbanks Alaska man who just returned from Mongolia with a severe .. bordering on horrendous .. case of MEASLES!






Who told me that this information has been all over the news media up in Alaska .. I decided to take action.

IF you do what I do .. find myself living in foreign places .. then you will have a hospital and you will have doctors at your finger tips.

So out and off I went this past Monday morning first thing to St. Teresa’s Hospital in Kowloon across Victoria  Harbor from Hong Kong.

My bus stop ..


There she is .. St. Teresa’s Hospital ..




Below is my entrance ..


The main open area into which you arrive ..


The first step is to get ‘signed in’ and be assigned a Doctor ..


“Sir we do not have an Immunization Clinic that will immunize you against measles. I will assign you to a general practitioner that handles a wide variety of patients.”

Some photos of the general area that I visited ..



Nice paintings ..





My Doctor did everything in his power to talk-me-out-of a measles immunization. To which I calmly replied .. I want a measles immunization shot Doctor! He replied measles is a childhood disease and that being from the US my body would have been immunized as a child.

I want a measles immunization shot Doctor! He said my blood would have the measles anti-bodies. I want a measles immunization shot Doctor! I do NOT want my blood tested for measles anti-bodies Doctor .. I want a measles immunization shot Sir! The man from Fairbanks Alaska is a middle aged US citizen and HE got measles.

Please step outside and I will call the Pharmacy. I did as he asked me to do. He called me back in. We have no knowledge of a measles outbreak in Mongolia. I want a measles immunization shot Doctor! It will be for Measles, Mumps and Rubella. OK fine but I want that immunization shot Doctor! There could be side-effects .. I don’t care about side-effects Doctor .. please give me this three disease immunization shot Doctor!

FINALLY! I left his office with a script for the immunization and orders for it to be administered to me.

Below I waited for the pharmacy to see me.






I am ready to be SHOT FULL of Measles, Mumps and Rubella ..


Step right in Sir! I will be injecting you with this prescription Sir. It is better to be safe Sir. These childhood diseases can be very severe in the elderly Sir! I am happy you are being careful Sir!

Thank You so much young lady. I wish you would tell that to my Doctor!


So far .. three full days and counting .. I have not tipped over nor have I died from Measles, Mumps or Rubella. I have had a general feeling that my body has been busily DEALING WITH the three infectious diseases but no big deal at all.


WHAT! I got an e-mail saying that I need a visa to go to Mongolia? Oh come on! You say that it is easy in my home country to get a visa to Mongolia? I am NOT home .. I am IN Hong Kong. I will go to the U.S. Embassy in the morning.  I did. The Embassy guard out front told me to go home and go on-line and make an appointment. Then come back and see us! I shall and I will .. more to follow .. bet-on-it ..

5 thoughts on “JUN 18, 15 .. MONGOLIA .. AN ODD-BEGINNING TO MY TRIP ..

  1. Patti

    THANK YOU for persevering and getting your measles protection shot. Whew!! The guy in Fairbanks IS an adult, a middle aged adult, a US citizen, and there seems to be no doubt in the minds of the medical community in Fairbanks that he contacted the measles in Mongolia. Again, THANK YOU for taking the action. Love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      It is YOU who gets the THANKS .. for stressing the issue regarding the man up in Fairbanks! So THANK YOU so much. All I had to do was take action.

  2. Shaddy Peters

    I’m so glad you found about about the measles problem in Mongolia.

    You did a fine job of posting the two links. I had no trouble getting to the sites you pointed me to.

    You are a super savvy computer whiz, Cap.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Shaddy I am not sure about me being a super savvy computer whiz .. we would have to call in my webmaster Andrej who has been known to pull at his hair with some of my questions and requests. Had it not been for Patti who REALLY RAN UP THE WARNING FLAGS .. Gullible also mentioned the measles issue in Mongolia but that slipped past me for some reason .. I would have blissfully gone along the road to Mongolia. Maybe nothing would have happened. Then again why take any risks. Thanks ..

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