And todays Sixty Four Thousand Dollar Question Is.. 

What happened to our captain ..

Oh.. he got hit in the head by a falling coconut when he stepped off his porch and died instantly ..

This morning.. sitting on MY couch on MY porch I heard this commotion.. it was FALLING COCONUTS .. and coconut tree limbs and branches ..

It seems a local gentleman was up in the coconut trees adjoining my apartment taking down loose coconuts and loose tree limbs and tree branches so falling coconut ‘stuff’ would not hit anyone in the near vicinity.. 

I was fascinated watching him climb up and down my local coconut  trees in bare feet.. his huge knife in his belt behind his back.. just using his hands to do the climbing just like I did in Hawaii over fifty years ago when I lived there as a member of the U.S. Marine Corps.. age 22 years ..

No kidding.. seeing this concern by local residents gave me great relief ..

At night.. walking MY paths.. it is a problem stepping on a coconut or the branches that fall .. my feet get tangled in the  branches and I have almost fallen down in the dark.. also.. almost twisted an ankle from stepping on a coconut ..

i know.. tough life.. but one of us has got to do this heavy lifting .. 

miles of smiles.. cap..