In case you have forgotten .. Tomorrow .. Sunday the 25th of October 2015 .. at 5:45PM local time here in Hong Kong ..


God Willing and The Creek Don’t Rise .. The two of them are due into Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Airport awaits them ..DSCN3328[1]

The Hong Kong Trams are waiting for them ..DSCN3042[1]

The Hong Kong Buses are waiting for them.DSCN9370[1]

The Star Ferries are waiting for them ..HONG KONG 351


A plate or two or even three of Singapore Rice Noodles will be ready for them ..HONG KONG 334

The Tram To Victoria Peak is waiting for them ..DSCN1728[1]

The view from Victoria Peak is waiting for them ..DSCN1735[1]

The  Hong Kong Library computer room is waiting for them ..DSCN1721[1]

Ferry boats to outlying islands are waiting for them ..DSCN8268[1]


Oh Yes! The Hong Kong MTR and a lot of Hong Kongers are waiting for them ..DSCN1591[1]


The Hong Kong Observation Wheel is waiting for them ..DSCN1409[1]

The Chi Lin Nunnery is waiting for them ..DSCN1426[1]

The Nan Lian Garden is waiting for them ..DSCN1427[1]

There is a subway foot-long sandwich waiting for them ..DSCN8638[1]

There is a very real chance we will slip over to India and if we do .. The Taj Mahal will be waiting for them in India ..TAJ 015

Mongolia is also waiting for them ..DSCN3919[1]







I haven’t even scratched the surface of what is waiting for them.

With Great Joy .. Cap ..

10 thoughts on “OCT 24, 15 .. A BIG DAY TOMORROW SUNDAY THE 25th ..

  1. z

    Saturday, October 24, 2015 – 1:00 pm

    Hi Cap,

    A great agenda and photo shot of a whole bunch of great places to visit in HK, Mongolia and India! BTW how long is the tour for Patti, Gullible – and of course for you as tour guide – it appears that you have about an 8 month tour setup – super nifty!! Just remember it’s always nice to allow some time for sleep and relaxation! Ha, just kidding, since you three are all world travelers you know how to take a break every now and than!

    A really great agenda and trip planned – as they say I wish I was there to enjoy the fun and travel, food, stories and meet all your nice friends that you know in so many places throughout the world! You three have a great trip!


    1. Cap

      Thank You So Much ‘Zilla .. here is the scoop my friend. BOTH Patti and Gullible came here with ONE WAY TICKETS. So their respective visits are open-ended. Right now we are ticketed to go to Mongolia this next Thursday the 29th of October and to return to Hong Kong on November the 17th. Then who knows .. maybe THE SHADOW KNOWS. Stay tuned buddy. Cap

  2. Karolynn

    I enjoyed the blog which you put up on the 24th. Your postcard also came on the 24th, so it beat Patti there. Have a wonderful time.

    1. Cap

      Amazing Karolynn .. we never know with the mail. Some mail has taken four MONTHS .. yes just over 4 MONTHS to be delivered. A 10-day transit time is almost unheard of. Smiles and THANKS for keeping the KML ladies in the loop Karolynn. Smiles from Patti and Cap ..

    1. Cap

      Come on over and join us. Has Gay ever returned to India since her trip in .. was it .. 1964? Oh My The Years Are Flying Past All Of Us .. Cheerio .. Cap and Patti ..

  3. Patti Boone

    This IS an enticing post … and I am fortunate to have arrived last night to be in the midst of this lovely city and hand-in-hand with Cap! More adventures ahead! We should be well rested by Thursday to head for Mongolia, and who knows where we will go from there? Pretty exciting life … hugs, Patti

    1. Cap

      As I write this note you are deep asleep My Dear One .. You are holding up amazingly well .. So happy you are pleased you came back over to stay awhile. Fun day we three had on Monday the 26th. Love .. Cap ..

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