“Hong Kong come in .. do you read me .. This is DL 281 from Seattle are we cleared for landing?”


“Roger that DL 281 we read you loud and clear.  You are a go for landing in Hong Kong.”

“Ladies and Gentlemen we have landed in Hong Kong.” .. “We are now at the gate.  Please remain seated until the seat belt sign is turned off.” .. “The local time is 4:58pm. We hope you had a pleasant flight and that you enjoy your stay in Hong Kong.” .. “Thank You for flying with us on Delta Airlines.”


The volume of arriving passengers is overwhelming.DSCN6490[1]

They just keep coming and coming and coming ..

Since last August I have been eagerly awaiting this moment. Where oh where is Patti. Gullible has been with me here in Arrival Hall ‘B’ for thirty minutes. I hope Patti is all right.

Well as it turned out Patti was NOT all right. The wheel chair was NOT at the gate waiting for her. So finally she walked up the jet-way into the arrival lounge. NO wheel chair. She asked for one and after a wait one arrived. She got a partial ride and was told to sit here on this bench. She waited and she waited some more. Her words .. “I was literally in tears.”  An attendant with a wheel chair passed her and she ‘flagged-it-down.’ She got to immigration after about one hour. No bag. The attendant found her bag since all the others had gotten theirs.

Then .. pushing a luggage cart .. My heart did a bunch of flip-flops. There is MY Patti! Do you see Patti? Dead center good shot of her.

My Oh My .. She sure looked GREAT!DSCN6492[1]


“I am so happy to see you My Dear One. What happened? Gullible has been through immigration for about an hour now.”

Then I got .. THE REST OF THE STORY .. as I outlined it above.

The three of us rode the train into downtown Hong Kong.

We got Gullible settled into my studio apartment at 23 Mercer Street.DSCN9093[1]


Patti and I headed for Kowloon to settle in at OUR favorite Homy Inn.


“Patti .. Are you hungry?” .. “I am stuffed full Cap. All we did on the flight over for 15-hours was to eat. I could NOT eat one single cracker. Why?” ..

“I sort of thought maybe we could order up a plate of Nachos at Tequila Jack’s right next door!”
DSCN0486[1]“Nachos .. Nachos .. Did you say Nachos? LET’S GO Cap!DSCN0512[1]

Tequila Jack’s was jumping. Tequila Jack’s is always jumping.

Then we two crashed. Patti said she was asleep before her head hit the pillow!

I was up at 5am this morning. I crept around our room as Patti was sleeping. I got breakfast and as I was just about ready to leave for a morning meeting Patti awoke.

I said .. “I assume you want to sleep in.” .. Patti said .. “Where are you going?” ..

I said .. and ..

Patti said COUNT ME IN .. I will go with you!

Fog or no fog .. You sure are pretty Miss Hong Kong ..DSCN6505[1]

Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor in the early morning fog.DSCN6494[1]

“What did you just ask me?” .. “Am I getting tired of photographing Star Ferries?” .. “No way ever!”DSCN6496[1]




Hello Miss Hong Kong .. Good Morning to you Miss Hong Kong.


A look back at Kowloon and the ICC Building .. The world’s 8th tallest building.DSCN6502[1]

Looking at the ICC building from the Library here in Hong Kong Central.

Soon it will be one full year for me living as a resident here in Hong Kong. Sorry to bore you with this but ..

Lord God of Abraham .. What have I ever done to deserve the gifts you have bestowed upon me.?

Patti and Cap .. Gullible is out exploring .. Tonight we are off for Discovery Bay.

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