I am not sure where this will go but here we go.

With Gullible in-tow many of Gullible’s followers may tune in here to babakaps.net to keep up with her.

We have gotten a fair number of things accomplished on our ‘to do list’.

We visited and each of us actually used the internet facilities at the Hong Kong Central City-Hall Library.DSCN1721[1]We have been riding the Hong Kong Tram(s).DSCN1295[1]YES! We have also been riding the Hong Kong Star Ferries. I showed Gullible the sign from the National Geographic .. Riding a Star Ferry is one of the fifty (50) things to do in your life time.

DSCN6517[1] DSCN6537[1]From one day to the next day ..DSCN6503[1]What a difference a day .. one single day .. makes. Monday above and today Tuesday below ..DSCN6534[1]




DSCN6522[1]This I have never seen. As in never ever in my now 25-years of riding the Hong Kong Star Ferries have I seen the crew go fishing as we crossed Victoria Harbor.DSCN6539[1]Yes we have done some bus riding ..
DSCN0013[1]We rode the bus out to eat some Singapore Rice Noodles in Mong Kok which means we also visited and walked around Mong Kok.DSCN6511[1]

DSCN6507[1]Gullible sure looked happy while eating Singapore Rice Noodles.DSCN6509[1]However after lunch Gullible had to pay a visit to a local Mong Kok pharmacy to get some stomach-relief medicine.DSCN6512[1]She experienced a case of an upset-tummy. She said maybe she ate took much too quickly. I had her taste .. on the tip of a chopstick .. one-single-drop of the red-hot-spicy chinese hot-oil. One drop was it for Gullible. She watched .. I think amazed .. as I then spooned the same hot-oil onto my Singapore Rice Noodles one full overflowing teaspoonful after another including the red hot pepper residue in the bottom of the jar on the table. Actually I eat the hot-oil with a little rice noodles.

We did a little MTR riding.DSCN1288[1]And I .. The Tour Guide here .. managed to get us all lost on the MTR. Patti and Gullible were not lost. They were just happily riding along. I however knew we were lost and so I had to get the three of us un-lost. Luckily I pulled that small miracle off successfully.

Included into the day was some window-shopping and perusing the street shops.

OH YES! Gullible and I visited Victoria Peak. Patti stayed home and rested.DSCN1520[1]




DSCN1740[1]A retired elder Victoria Peak Tram.DSCN1748[1]




– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 


Changer up in Ulaanbaatar sent me the below weather report:
Yesterday it was raining hard all day and it was the first heavy rain in late October I have ever seen in Ulaanbaatar. Then in the evening it started snowing heavily as temperature dropped. I had to drive to my son’s hospital at about 19 o’clock and I found roads had been covered with snow and ice It was terribly slippery and dangerous, given that many people are still using their usually worn-out summer tires. Now, the temperature is about 0 and the snow and ice on roads and sideways are melting. The forecast says it will be about 2 or 3 degrees above 0 on Thursday. It is very very slippery on sideways.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 


I don’t like to end this post on a somber note but I must. Patti experienced a fall last night. I watched her go down and I was completely helpless and totally unable to assist her. All I could do was .. stunned .. watch Patti collapse heavily onto the pavement as her head narrowly missed hitting a concrete wall. A local lady immediately jumped to assist Patti and was very helpful. I just shudder to think of what would have happened if Patti’s head had hit the concrete wall.

I remain speechless wondering what .. if anything .. we can do about this issue.

As I mentioned above .. Patti rested all afternoon before we went out last night.

Thursday .. Mongolia .. Here we come ..

Thanks for your interest in our adventures here in Hong Kong .. Cap ..

5 thoughts on “OCT 27 .. 15 .. PATTI AND GULLIBLE AND CAP ..

  1. Shaddy Peters

    Sounds like you haven’t been wasting any time in seeing the sights.

    So sorry, though, to hear of Patti’s fall. Gosh, I sure hope she’s feeling better after resting.

    Enjoying your adventures,

    1. Cap

      Patti is feeling none-the-less for wear. It is an extremely worrisome issue. Just a month or so ago she had a terrible fall Shaddy. Mongolia here we come .. Smiles .. Cap ..

  2. Karolynn

    Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that Patti fell. What happened? Did she trip on something? Patti, I hope you are not bruised as before and that you are okay now.

    In my email I asked for a picture of both Patti and Gullible. I did see the pictures of Gullible (I feel funny calling her that – I know her name is Jeanie? But not sure how to spell it, thus I have called her what you call her.)

    Anyway, please post a picture of all of you so I can pass it on to the rest of the gals.

    Have a good trip to Mongolia.


  3. admin_andrej

    Hello all!
    Great photo’s on the last few posts Cap.
    I’m sure that Pattie has the “Luck of Irish” on her side and I’m happy she is alright.
    Looking forward to your posts from Mongolia.
    Stay safe,

  4. z

    Wednesday, October 28, 2015 – 12:30 pm

    Hi Cap, Patti and Gullible,

    We were sorry to hear about Patti’s fall! It’s a terrible feeling when you are with Patti and when a fall happens, it’s so quick there is not much you can do at that moment! Frustrating! Claudia and I certainly hope she is on the mend and ready to attack the ice and snow when in Mongolia! Fortunately all three of you are familiar with the rough winter conditions in your lovely home state of Alaska, so it should be a piece of cake getting use to any rough conditions in Mongolia! I suppose our little advice would just be careful – a little more on this trip.

    Of course Cap, you showed the “lake” in front of your apartment in Mongolia when it rains and you have no drainage, and more or less have to have wading boots to get to your front door! This could be tricky if your lake turns into a skating rink? Maybe ice skates are in order! Ha!

    It also will be interesting to note how the local work crews are able to keep the roads and byways clear of ice and snow in Mongolia? We know in Europe, especially in Germany the crews do a great job of snow and ice removal based on our many years living there.

    Looking forward to more stories of your “three-travelers” and of course pictures while traveling in Mongolia! Good luck and be safe!


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