The story of one .. very SAD .. LITTLE BOBBSEY !

I have my India (VODAFONE) cell phone with me .. here in Hong Kong ..

BECAUSE I use it for MANY things other than to make cell-phone calls (which I AM UNABLE TO DO HERE IN HONG KONG with an Indian SIM Card) .. For Instance I use my cell phone for .. (1) World Time(s) .. (2) Calendar .. (3) stored phone numbers .. (4) Calculator .. (5) Alarm Clock ..

HERE IS THE PROBLEM .. my little cell phone (and ALL OF YOUR CELL PHONES) .. when turned on .. is constantly and always searching for it’s Cell Tower so the cell phone can know when it has a message for it .. this constant searching is why your cell phone battery runs down even when you are NOT talking on your cell phone .. all its energy is searching and searching and searching .

It can NOT stop searching .. when turned on .. it can NOT stop endless searching ..

Here are some of our converstion(s) ..

“Dad .. I can NOT find a tower here .. where are we Dad .. I am confused ! ”  .. “But I will keep searching for you Dad ! ” .. “Little VODAFONE .. we are here  in Hong Kong Airport .. on the train .. in the YMCA .. I wish I could turn off your searching .. I know you are getting very frustrated little VODAFONE ! “

“DAD .. OH DAD .. Dad I found a tower ! ” .. “Dad .. I can NOT understand the tower .. what is it saying to me Dad ? ” .. “Little VODAFONE it is speaking to you in MANDARIN CHINESE ! ” ..

“DAD .. it just said to me that it is .. CHINA MOBILE HK .. and Dad .. it said something to me I can NOT understand ! ”

“Dad.. it just said to me .. in ENGLISH Dad .. that it will get back to me me very soon Dad .. and I can now understand this tower ! ”  ..

“DAD .. it is sending us messages in ENGLISH DAD .. do you see them Dad ? .. It just said to us Dad that .. it is .. 3 Hong Kong Roaming ..now  it just said to us that it is technically known as just .. 3(2G) .. and that it goes by just .. 3 ! .. WOW DAD .. it just said to us .. ‘Welcome to Hong Kong .. and here is what you need to do !” ..

Don’t you all wish you were constantly talking to all of your inanimate objects ..

Well.. little VODAFONE is now quite happily passing along one message after the other telling me what I need to do to put him into service here in Hong Kong !

A local Chinese Merchant in a high tech store on the street told me .. “Sir.. IF you put your India cell phone into service here .. BRING MONEY ! ” ..

Well .. it is all fun and it is all  ONE BIG AND ONE GRAND ADVENTURE ..

over and out with MUCH LOVE .. cap in kowloon in hong hong ..