Friday the 24th of February .. I remain IN HONG KONG ..


I REMAIN .. ALONE BY MYSELF .. in my four-man dorm room .. this is an incredible WOW !  .. over two days in the room .. alone and peaceful and QUIET ..

On ..  http://bobbacaps.blogspot.com .. I put up photos of my friends from France .. Clement and Patricia and Merlin Olinger .. THANKS to Clement having his lap top (actually it was with his ‘Note Book or his Net Book’) with him .. I was able to post photos .. great photos ..

COSTS .. is THIS expensive to you .. last night .. with the Olingers .. I had a pizza I split with their son Merlin .. the pizza was 13-inches in diameter (a LARGE to them .. a MEDIUM to us..) .. are we good so far .. here is what was on the 13-inch diameter pizza .. a crust .. tomato sauce .. mozzarella cheese AND oregano sprinkles .. GOT IT.. I mean this is a BASIC PIZZA .. this is as basic-as-you-can-get ! .. the COST WAS .. in U.S. Dollars .. Seventeen Dollars and Fifty Six Cents (130 Hong Kong Dollars IF I correctly recall it) .. this seems very expensive to me ! .

Well I do have a suitcase full of money .. so I can afford it .. on the way to the Ferry Boat I bought a Sprite (actually a Lemon drink that tasted exactly like ‘Sprite’ ..) .. it was one liter .. Two Dollars and Seventy Cents .. actually sort-of-in-the-ballpark ..

I will meet them again tonight .. and HOPE to post more photos .. of my YMCA dorm room and of Lamma Island where the Olingers are staying ..

OK.. over and out for now from my .. $8.11 per hour computer here at the YMCA ..

Much Joy.. Cap..