As I post these very few words I am at Hong Kong’s phenomenal International Airport Chek Lap Kok. It is Tuesday the 24th of May 2016 here in Hong Kong and the time is about 9:45am as I begin to type these words.

My server is still enjoying Monday May the 23rd so that is the official date of this Post.

For months I have known (with some sadness because I am still not quite ready to leave Asia) that I would be returning to the U.S. on this date.

I am in the .. Taa-Daa .. Boarding Gate Number 15 SKY TEAM LOUNGE because I am flying ‘business class’ and am therefor entitled to be in this amazing lounge. It was a project to find the lounge but find it I did. In fact I got out here to Chek Lap Kok very early so I could take-advantage of this lounge.

One advantage of this first / business class lounge is this desk top Apple Computer. Sad! There are three of them and no one else is interested in the sad little Apple Desk tops because 100% of everyone else (except Your Captain here) have lap tops and tablets and smart phones of their own.

Back now to the beginning of my arrival here at the first / business class lounge.

What came first?

Food .. Food .. and ? .. More Food ..

KNOWING MIND YOU that the moment we are airborne .. being in ‘business class’ there will appear .. Food .. Food .. and ? .. More Food ..

I just filled myself up on a wonderful tuna pasta salad covered with so many black olives marinated in spices and olive oil that the kitchen crew went running for more to replenish the olive-reservoir for other travellers. I also had four mini-yogurts with fruit and a good many spicy croutons to go with the olives and tuna pasta salad with some Sprite to wash things down. Oh .. I had a few (Captain this is a program of honesty) .. well I had a bunch of gummy-bear snakes and a dozen danish pastries as I waited for my toast to begin to emit flames from the top of the toaster. I like my toast ‘very VERY dark’. I was standing guard over my toast and had nothing else to do (it took a good ten minutes for the toast-to-toast) but to munch away on the danish puff pastries beside the toaster.

What else? My memory is failing me. It seems I ate some other things.

Oh Captain think of the ‘C’ word. Ah-h-h yes there were some COOKIES available. Several different types of COOKIES. I tend to lean toward Chocolate Chip Cookies. But I did try some very rich French-looking cookies too.

And the Dinkey Bird IS Singing In The Amfalula Tree sports fans.

Do you all know-what? It seems to me that almost everyone around me is taking-for-granted their being in here. You know ..

An attitude of .. “I am .. after all dahhlings .. ENTITLED TO BE HERE.”

When I am riding a manic-wave I need to be careful NOT to feed the Dragon.

So while I still have a lot of time to get to my boarding gate .. I will not feed the Manic Dragon by running late and rushing like a crazy man .. I am going to sign off here and .. slowly with a relaxed attitude .. having eaten and drinken a lot of liquid so I am NOT dehydrated .. head for Boarding Gate 67. The ladies here said to me when I asked them ..

“Is Gate 67 a long way away?”

“Yes Sir .. You will want to allow yourself plenty of time Sir.”

With Joy .. NOT taking one thing for granted .. having an Attitude of Gratitude for all that I have ..

I shall sign off here ..

Cap .. The Luckiest Man Alive ..

Thank You My Dear Patti for all of our calls. Is this Post a mess or did I pull-it-off ?

Love .. Cap .. I thought better of doing a photo shoot of the lounge. I may sneak in a photo or two. I will ask first IF it is OK to do so. 


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