MAY 24, 16 .. IN SEATTLE

Seattle Greg met me at the airport here in Seattle after we landed and I got through customs and immigration and security and and and ..  and we headed immediately to Red Star Travel in downtown Seattle. I have spoken in person face-to-face with the representative who will be assisting me to get a Three-Year multiple entry visa into Russia hopefully in mid-October 2016.

Then we went to Greg’s home here and Your Captain crashed.

My sleeping on the plane not withstanding my body said to me..

“Excuse me Dad it is now 1 o’clock in the morning in Hong Kong. Dad we are tired out. Dad like-it-or-not we Dad are going to sleep. You choose. Sitting up or lying down but sleep IS on-the-way.”

“But but but ..”

“No buts Dad.”

I am now at Greg’s neighborhood library posting this.

Smiles .. Cap in Seattle a city in Washington State here in the U.S.


One thought on “MAY 24, 16 .. IN SEATTLE

  1. Patti

    Welcome back to America my world traveler! People have been calling and texting today asking if you got in safely. See you soon … in Seattle!! Love, Patti

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