Do all of you see the sub-titles above?

Not the best way to begin here is it?

This could be a text-heavy Post for Patti to proof read.

Will Patti find this Post to be .. GRIM


Or will it be ..



“Cap? Where do you come up with these photos of me?”  / s / Patti


I am here .. You are there ..

Got it so far ‘ Zilla ? Take a minute to be sure. Is it indeed a truth ‘ Zilla ?

I get Google ae .. You get Google usa ..

IF I was there .. And You were here ..

Ponder this ‘ Zilla .. I am where you are and you are here where I am .. 

I would be thinking to myself ( Me being there and You being here ) .. I sure am happy You are there and I am here ..

Yes ‘ Zilla ! This is very deep indeed BUT I know you will get a handle on this theo philosophy my good buddy !

You think the news on Google usa is GRIM?  Be here and read the news-about-here on Google ae.


It is absolutely amazing to me how little I really know about a place until I am IN the place. Then when I am IN the place, I think to myself, “Captain! Look around and learn something about the place you are IN.”

Oh My!

Now that I am helplessly exposed to Google ae on a daily / hourly /or less basis, I see that, “Hum-m-m Captain! There really is a lot going on around me here.”

I seem to be able to do OK with the Mongolian Cyrillic alphabet. All of my wonderful, little, friendly Cyrillic characters that I have come to know and to love.

I even have a warm, happy, friendly, joyous, gentle buddy in Mongolia!










What a ride I am on.

“How do I get from here to there?”

Below I show you the above sentence, “How do I get from here to there?”,  as it is written in Arabic! I also wonder if Arabic is a read from right-to-left language? I say that because Google translate put them on the right margin as you see below.

كيف يمكنني الحصول عليها من هنا إلى هناك؟

kayf yumkinuni alhusul ealayha min huna 'iilaa hunak?
The above words are how the Arabic would sound.
Thank You So Very Much Google Translate!
I am going to lie down for a few hours. Maybe when I awaken and re-read this I will just press ‘ delete ‘ and begin anew. I wouldn’t bet on that however.
And the world just turned.
“I sure hope none of you bet that Cap would delete the above writing.”
“Give Cap a five to ten minute nap and he is good-to-go again. Give him a few good, solid hours of knocked-out, drop-dead sleep, and he is gangbusters.”  / sign me as /  I know him Patti.
Do all of you know what the below cord is? Do any of you know?
The above cord is a Nikon camera USB cord. It plugs into a computer USB port.
The Nikon communicates with a computer via its USB cord. No connection. No photos. No kidding.
The internet WiFi connection here in my room went into a very VERY deep, dreamy, sleeping spell earlier this evening. I went down to the front desk and asked the on-duty staff about it.
The two of them said to just bring my laptop down into the lobby and use it in the lobby because the WiFi in the lobby is really consistently great. After I shot the above photo of them, one of them jumped up and said he wanted to take a photo of me!
Then, as I mentioned above, I hit a serious fatigue wall.  So I packed up my gear and came up to my room for a nap. The nap turned out to be a several hours-long major collapse.
When I awoke I could NOT find my USB cord. I looked. I looked some more. Then I really got serious about looking. Finally it occurred to me that perhaps it had fallen in the hallway as I came up from the lobby. I walked slowly back down the hallway to the elevator. No USB cord. Then I went down to the lobby.
As I walked into the lobby the two of them practically leapt to their feet and aloud shouted at me, “Sir you left this here when you went upstairs.”
The lesson here ? It pays to be nice to, and it pays to treat the employees with dignity and honor and sincere respect.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
7:45AM, Tuesday morning, October 4th, 2016
I promised myself that one, and only one, Post here on dot.net was going to be devoted to the amazing, phenomenal, outstanding breakfast here at the AL FAREJ HOTEL.
A promise made IS a debt unpaid and the trail has its own stern code.
Robert W. Service, Cremation of Sam McGee
The above being said, the below photos DO NOT COUNT as a Post. Some of them are new-to-you and were not in the OCT 3 Post.
Breakfast at The AL FAREJ HOTEL Restaurant. Free and included in my room tariff.
This morning, the 4th of October, I was early and shot these photos before any guests came up for breakfast.
The below photo is of the table straight ahead of you in the above photo. This photo actually shows you the cereal and coffee service far better than in my originally published Post of yesterday.
Today they added a large bowl of mixed fruit. Will you just look at the goodies ( Greek olives ).
A good look at the chaffing dishes.
The excellent, perfectly cooked, hard-boiled eggs were new today from yesterday. Notice the presentation of the eggs sitting proudly in a bed of rice. I am not able to tell you how impressed I am with The AL FAREJ HOTEL.
Today’s lamb sausages were far more presentable than I showed yesterday when I snapped them at the end of the breakfast hours.dscn99261
Below is what my breakfast looked like this morning. Will you all just notice the perfectly toasted toast!
dscn99271How on God’s wonderful green earth could it get much better than this?
Smiling from ear-to-ear !  Cap

2 thoughts on “OCT 4, 16 .. OFF SCRIPT .. OH MY .. WATCH OUT .. STAND BY

  1. cap chastain

    Yes, I do wonder sometimes how you are able to come up with the pictures of me that you have taken months ago! I thought the Mongolian letters/symbols were challenging. The arabic ones are mind-boggling. The map makes me realize more than ever that you are in a very tense part of the world … yikes! I know that you are always careful and low-key, but … be careful … be careful. And, at the hotel, as long as they have greek olives on the breakfast menu, I know you are happy. Love, Patti

    1. cap

      Like so many things here, there is no free / easy ride. I have to go back into a memory chip with over 2,000 photos and then go through it. You were on the phone talking to your brother and I just ‘snapped away’ sitting right in front of you. Some great ‘candid’ photos. I love it. Love YOU too.

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