This will be a relatively short Post. I have had issues all day with the WiFi in my room and came downstairs tonight to work in the hotel lobby.

It is better but it is not 100% lightning fast and I am a tad tired / fatigued / exhausted working my way through the 12-hour jet lag I am experiencing. I could write-a-book about me and Windows 10 and Mister LENOVO. I won’t do so!

I will first get breakfast ( only one photo ) out-of-the-way and then see where we go with this Post.

7:45AM, Wed morning, October the 5th, 2016

I do NOT plan ( who knows about this concept ) to show you / to bore you with, an endless series of breakfast photos here at the AL FAREJ HOTEL.  So for today one photo will be it. The deal is simply this, breakfast here at this specific hotel ranks as the number one on my lifetime list of hotel breakfasts that are included in one’s room tariff. When breakfast is included with one’s room you usually get just a token smidgen of food. Taa-daa here is today’s breakfast. As I have pointed out recently, it is a buffet and I can go back for additional servings.


Will all of you just look at the perfect toast! Six count-them pieces of absolutely perfect toast, toasted to perfection. Captain Oh Captain, you are too much. YOU Captain cooked them.

And then the light went on in your Captain’s brain this morning. I have mentioned that up-until-this precise moment, I have not eaten one single meal outside of the AL FAREJ HOTEL. This morning I thought to myself, “Ah Ha, I am going to take to my room several hard boiled eggs along with some Greek olives and a little of the feta cheese here and enjoy an evening snack of hard boiled eggs / Greek olives / feta cheese.”

My room is so fantastic. Do all of you remember that I have a mini-refrigerator in my room?


What a small feast I will have come snack-time this late afternoon. Greek olives, feta cheese and hard boiled eggs.


Into the fridge you all go.



Wowie !

I am not going to talk too much about my regular routine when I am in Asia. However it goes on and it is daily. It is important and it is vital that I have a lot of safe water.

My room has a hot pot that will boil water.


Upon arrival last Saturday night the 1st of October, as an instant first priority, I went out and I purchased several 5-litre jugs of water. Notice Arabic ( on the left ‘Zilla ) and English writing!


After I finished one I immediately began boiling tap water with my hot pot and filled, 1-litre at a time, the empty 5-litre jug with the safe boiled water. To keep them apart, I remove the label from the empty store-purchased jug. This way I can quickly identify it as containing boiled water.

Little hot pot is so proud of himself.

Now I can see where this Post is going. I will show you where I am shopping for water and so on. I am not, at this time, up to getting into uploading a lot of photos so I am going to go upstairs and grab some sleep. I am just not up to a lengthy Post at this moment. It is 3:34AM here in Dubai.

Signing off .. Cap

2 thoughts on “OCT 5, 16 .. DUBAI .. A DAY IN MY LIFE

  1. cap chastain

    Fun and a good idea that you decided to take some hard boiled eggs, feta cheese and greek olives to your room for a snack later in your day/evening. You are also fortunate to have a toaster in the breakfast area so that you are able to toast your toast ‘the way you like it … dark’ … Your body will gradually get used to the time difference. Good that you are just letting yourself sleep when you are tired! Lots of love. Patti

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