I wonder if, I wonder how many of you, groan when you are faced with Post after Post here on both Dot.NET and Blogspot.

As in ..

“Cap I can barely keep up with you. Give it a break.”

Here is the deal. IF I don’t keep up with myself I will just fall hopelessly behind in regards to photographs that I am taking (Cap just put the camera down /s/ Gullible) and keeping you all, more or less, up to date on my doings. The risk here is that if I feel I am falling overwhelmingly behind, the total show will just shut-down. Stop. End Trip. Get off the bus. There ain’t no more.

Gullible has seen this in person. She is still waiting for me to finish Mongolia Autumn 2015. Gullible I will do this when back in Mongolia this Autumn 2016!

I am obsessed with .. DOING MAI DUBAI properly and to the best of my ability.

Yes I hear you ABU DHABI. You are still waiting-in-the-wings with Oman now coming up.

Here is an interesting tid-bit for you.

We have a calendar in the U.S. We have weeks with days in our weeks. Our calendar starts with Sunday and goes through Saturday.

We have a phenomenon called our weekends.

Our weekends begin Friday evening and continue into early Monday morning basically encompassing Saturday and Sunday.

So our weekend is basically Saturday and Sunday.

This is NOT SO HERE  in the United Arab Emirates.

Did any of you know this?

Here in the UAE the weekend begins (for many at mid-day Thursday) on Friday and continues through Saturday.

Sunday it is up-and-at-em time! It is now time to start our new week! Let’s rock and let’s roll IT IS SUNDAY.

My expatriot friends agree with what I am feeling, they never quite accept that Sunday is Monday.

Tuesday it will be out and off for Oman.

So tomorrow I will begin to get ready for my trip. I will keep my room here at the Al Farej Hotel in Dubai. This will enable me to take just what I will need for a 10-day trip, Tuesday through Thursday a week later.

Still Smiling, Cap

Geez Captain! Talk about bam-bam! Thank You Ma’am! What on earth was this all about?

3 thoughts on “OCT 16, 16 .. I WONDER IF .. I WONDER HOW MANY OF YOU ..

  1. cap chastain

    I, for one, am VERY happy that you are keeping up with the posts. As usual, it makes me feel I am right there with you and I certainly was/am curious about Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman. Keep ’em coming! Love, Patti

  2. Kit

    You are doing a great job with your posts. Thank you! Have fun traveling to Oman, and keep up the balancing act. Actually I think your posts are quite perfect. Can’t wait to see what is next!

  3. z

    Monday, October 17, 20`6 – noon So Cal

    Hi Cap,

    Life is too, too short to worry about one or two blogs! Just keep the photos and stories rolling along!! When you keep up the story-line and keep sending pictures
    (really great photos) you’ll feel good and all your online friends will continue enjoying your blogs!

    You and I had an old saying, “just do it” so onward to Oman and have fun and keep the stories and pics rolling on!


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