Today, after listening to MISTER LENOVO plead with me for several weeks, I went out with Ahad and got MISTER LENOVO his very own, pet ‘mouse’ and the mouse his very own ‘mouse pad’.


The ‘mouse’, and his own ‘mouse pad’, are to the right of MISTER LENOVO in these photos.


Are any of you confused? I am sure at least some of you are.

A lap top has a ‘touch pad’ that you can use instead of using a ‘computer mouse’.

A ‘touch pad’ is a problem for me and I am sure for some others because they are, at least for me, very ‘touchy’ and ‘tempermental’. This is extremely frustrating for me!

A ‘mouse’ is far more easy, at least for me, to work with.

More very good news. MISTER LENOVO has three ( 3 count them ) USB ports. The mouse is connected to a USB port on MISTER LENOVO’S left side in the photo below. This frees up two USB ports on his right side so I can plug in two thumb drives at the same time if I need to do so and still use my ‘mouse’.

Mister Camera is connected to one of the two USB ports on the right side of MISTER LENOVO.


The gentleman at the local computer shop said he could install genuine Windows 7 into MISTER LENOVO.

This I am going to look into when I come back from Oman on the 28th of October. Between the gentleman at the computer store and Ahad maybe we can pull this off, installing Windows 7.

I know that I very well may have confused a few of you here. What can I say.

Have a great day! That is what I can say!

Smiling, Cap

7 thoughts on “OCT 17, 16 .. MISTER LENOVO HAS A NEW FRIEND

  1. cap chastain

    Who would have ever thought some years (technologies) ago that we would be so very grateful to have a ‘mouse’ in our lives be so very welcomed! Smiles. Patti

  2. Jeanne Follett

    Hmmmm…. My comment disappeared. WE’ll see. WiFi mouse is the way to go. NO WIRES. I agree with you about the touch pad. Flip that wire behind the laptop. I think you’ll find it easier. Unless, of course, you posed the wire for the photo.

  3. Jeanne Follett

    A WiFi mouse is the way to go. No cord to drag around. Flip that cord over the back of the laptop and you’ll find it easier to use. I am assuming of course, that you didn’t pose the cord intentionally for the photo. Seriously a Wi-Fi mouse is much better.

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