When I am ‘ramping up’ for a trip.. and I am in the advanced stages of my  ‘ramping up process’ now.. as I sit in Hong Kong..  the goal is India.. smiles to you Mother China and your fantastic and increbible World Class lady city Miss Hong Kong.. but Mother India and all of her lady cities is where we are heading.. during this ‘ramping up’ things get intense.. I am in the process.. as one for instance.. of writing to many of my friends in India that I am coming and when.. Jeevan, Ratnakar and his family, Father Abello, Swapan, Ali Mohammad, Mohnish, Srinivas and others..

There is a life changing and a World Class book titled, “The Power of Now” written by Mr. Eckhart Tolle.. on the second page of the Introduction Eckhart Tolle makes an amazing statement, he writes (words to the exact effect).. “That I feel I cannot live with myself any longer.”  then he continues.. “Isn’t that an amazing concept, IF I CANNOT LIVE WITH MYSELF are there two of me.. me and the self I cannot live with.”

This was the first place in written literature that I actually read that another human being has ‘conversations’ with his ‘other self’.. I most certainly have them.. as I will write about..

FOR INSTANCE..  when I am on.. as I am now.. an intense and clinically significant manic episode.. I  watch very closely and get in touch  with my body.. the other day at the Wellcome (YES with two l’s.. WeLLcome) Market.. across the street from my Hotel.. as I was shopping..  my body said.. “Captain.. see the Skippy Peanut Butter Extra Cruncy.. BUY IT NOW Captain!”.. I did.. too funny.. the Skippy Peanut Butter looked like it looks in the U.S. of A.. and tastes like it too.. but IT TOO IS MADE IN CHINA..

Up the same aisle my body said.. “Captain.. do you see all the candy bars.. Captain.. buy a handfull of those candy bars and I mean buy them NOW Captain.”  and again I did.. my body smiled and said “Captain you can call them ‘food’ bars or ‘nutrition bars’ you can call them what you want but I need the calories they pack into those Cadbury candy bars.. ”

See what my body is telling me is this.. “Captain.. if you want to be up and if you want to be  walking around and you want to be doing what you want to be doing at the pace you seem to want to be doing it.. WE NEED AND WE MUST HAVE CALORIES CAPTAIN AND WE NEED AND MUST HAVE CALORIES  NOW ON DEMAND.” .. “OR YOU WILL GET DIZZY AND MAYBE FAINT ON THE STAR FERRY..” ..

Yesterday (Friday) I had plans.. to go out.. my body said to me.. “No Captain.. we need to rest.. we need to replenish.. Captain.. we need to stay-in-the-room and calm down.. we are getting too over revved here and we need to shut down an engine or two on this rocket sled you have us  riding on.  Frankly Captain.. we are confused as to how on this green earth you got so many engines on this rocket sled in the first place.. the rocket sled should have only one single engine Captain and somehow you have found and rigged several onto it!” ”  So I called Patti 99501 and told Patti.. “Well I am staying in the rest of the day”..  and I did just that.. and I took a short ‘nap’.. and I wrote some post cards to YOU..”  IT IS TRUE that I was up most of the night.. calling Andrej to attempt to work things out here with the web site.. and writing post cards.. I hope to mail to YOU one of some thirty I have hand penned.. BUT I DID STAY IN THE HOTEL.. and when I lay down to sleep at 0440 Hrs (4:40AM this early morning) I made a commitment to my body THAT .. I WILL STAY DOWN FOR AN ABSOLUTE MINIMUM OF FOUR COUNT THEM HOURS.. and I did that..

ANOTHER AMAZING ( I ought to copyright these gems of knowledge!) TRUTH..

BOBBA CAPS SEZ:  It is.. it TRULY IS A  FACT.. that it is easier to wash Bobba Caps in the bath tub than it is to hand wash Bobba Caps socks and trousers and underwear and shirts in the sink and hang them all over the room trying to get them dry in the Hong Kong humidity even in the room”

So when I got up and when I got outta the bed at 8:45AM (four hours and five count ’em minutes in the bed.. YES .. some was awake time because ‘I’ wanted to be up doing but I had commited to staying down in the bed and I did).. I immediately (1) made my bed and (2) took a nice bath..

WHEN HAVE YOU EVER FELT WORSE AFTER A BATH (oh captain.. you have written that already.. well ‘bright eyes’.. following along here with us..may’ve missed that.. so since it’s my party I will do as I like ‘little voices’.. )

OK I AM OUTTA HEAH.. I MUST EAT MY BREAKFAST and drink liquids and take my vitamins and write more post cards and go out to mail them and to ride the Star Ferries in so doing and find the Wing-On Department Store to purchase a Braun Shaver and go to the YMCA and get some more post cards and more stamps and make some phone calls and .. and .. and ..

Over and Out for Now.. should this be a ‘Latest News Post’ or a ‘For What It’s Worth Writing’.. I think I will now go do a ‘Latest News Post’ so IF GODZILLA TUNES IN HERE HE WILL HAVE A SHORT LATEST NEWS POST..

Lordy Be!  “The Dinkey Bird is Singing in the Amfalula Tree”.. and in a future post I will write that poem out in full..

MUCH LOVE and remember.. IF BOBBA CAN DO THIS SO TOO CAN YOU! (Be In Touch With the Real You).. over and o-u-t..