Two Admirers



This photo of me with my ‘two admirers’ is a fun story.. I was walking beside the YMCA on Salisbury Road here in Kowloon in Tsim Sha Tsui when I came upon three young girls taking photos of themselves.. doing.. as Dr. Laura would say.. “The next right thing” I said to the one that was taking a photo of her two girl friends.. ‘Would you like ME to photograph all three of you?’

Being young females they all ‘squealed’ “OH YES”.. so I dutifully snapped several photos of the three of them together.. showing them the finished shot as I took each.. the digital cameras are just wonderful for this..

When all were happy with the shots .. one of them said.. “I would like a photo of us with YOU”.. so I said “Sure” and one of them shot a photo of me with her two girl friends.. then a that one shot a photo of me with herself and the other girl.. so now each girl had a photo on THEIR CAMERA of me with them..

THEN I GOT IN ON THE FUN AND I SAID to them.. “Will you take a photo of ME with you with MY CAMERA SO I have a photo of myself with YOU”..

They did and now you have.. “The Rest of the Story”..

Much Joy.. Cap with two admirers..