NOV 26, 16 .. WHAT A SATURDAY I HAD TODAY .. NOV 26th 2016

If you have not yet read my post of yesterday, NOV 25, 16 .. You may want to catch up and scroll down and read it.

In a nutshell, I took a terrible fall in the Dubai International Airport yesterday, Friday the 25th of November 2016.

Again, for more details, just scroll down to NOV 25, 16.

Get it? Got it? Good.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I was able to get from my arrival gate out on the tarmac into my hotel here in Kowloon Hong Kong with, basically, no issues.

6am Hong Kong Time .. 2am Dubai Time.

Got it? Are we clear here? It was 2am to my body when I got to Hong Kong.

Gratitude. Being Grateful.

Here is the good news. I had a full day ahead of me to utilize in order to find out what was happening with me. What was happening with me? Didn’t you scroll down to NOV 25, 16 below ..

A wheel chair was at the arrival gate. The plane emptied 100%. They came to my seat on board and got me into a wheel chair. Off the plane we went. Two lady attendants took care of me. One pushing me in the wheel chair. The second one followed her with my two carry on bags. Into the terminal via Customs and Immigration we went. A third attendant appeared at the baggage carousel. My second attendant left. She would NOT take any gratuity from me. I pushed it on her, she pushed back. She won. Off she went.

We got to a taxi, all my bags and myself got into the taxi. I gave each of my two remaining attendants a gracious financial gratuity which each accepted with style.

To my hotel. Wheel chair at the entrance. Checked into my dormitory room. I crashed out and slept about 4 hours.



Steve K had taken the action to get to my hotel. I had texted Steve and Patti had called Steve on the phone.

“Hi Cap.” .. “Hi Steve.” ..

“Steve I must get a cell phone up on line and working.”

We did just that. China Mobile is in my pocket.

“Steve I must get to the hospital ASAP!”

We checked into St. Teresa’s hospital, my Kowloon Hong Kong hospital since May of 2008, at 12:50pm.

Oh My Oh My .. some not such good news.

It was, get this, 4:30pm when I saw my Doctor. 3 Hours 40 Minutes. It only seemed like FOREVER.

Up to X-Ray. Four photos. At 5:15pm my Doctor reviewed the X-Rays.

Oh My Oh My .. some not such good news.

I do indeed have a broken hip.

“Sir we can operate tomorrow, Sunday the 17th. I recommend this Sir. Each day you delay will worsen your condition.”

“Recovery program Doctor?”

“One month, no weight on your left leg. Wheel Chair use only. No cane. No crutches. 3 to 4 months rehabilitation will then follow.”

“Doctor at this moment, at this instant, I cannot commit to having surgery tomorrow with all of the rehabilitation procedures you recommend.”

“I understand Sir. Here is my report with your X-Rays. Good luck and best wishes to you Sir.”


“Patti call ‘Zilla!” .. “I am on it Cap.”

Back to my hotel.

Steve K sprang into action again.

“Cap you cannot stay in the dormitory room. We will get you into a handicapped room.”

This was arranged promptly with my hotel. Presto Quick.

Steve K and I had a great dinner.

I went to bed. I crashed out. Dead-To-The-World.

More to follow tomorrow the 27th of November 2016.

TRUST ME when I write below ..


Patti in Anchorage and ‘Zilla in California WERE ON IT BIG TIME.

And I mean, Patti and ‘Zilla WERE ON IT BIG TIME.

As Patti and ‘Zilla went to work, I went to bed exhausted.

More to follow tomorrow the 27th of November 2016.


6 thoughts on “NOV 26, 16 .. WHAT A SATURDAY I HAD TODAY .. NOV 26th 2016

  1. patricia boone

    Yes, as Cap got some much needed rest and sleep, Zilla and I sprang into action, with back up from Zilla’s lovely wife Claudia. We pulled the trigger on an airline reservation from Hong Kong to Phoenix, I talked by phone with the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, I made a hotel reservation there for us, and I made a reservation to get down to Phoenix myself on Monday 11/28. Now to pull the packing together and get everything else checked off my ever increasing list. I have about 24 hours before departure! Take care Cap. Love, Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Hello Wonder Woman My Dear One. Life with your Captain. Ups and Downs with your Captain. Hold on, this ride is a work in progress. Lots and lots and lots of phone calls back and forth. Much Love and Much Gratitude .. Cap

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Kitty I had no idea you were also following along here on Dot.NET with me. The update is coming very shortly. Still Smiling .. What else to do huh? .. Cap

  2. Jeanne Follett

    Dang, Cap. You will do just about anything to be able to use that DRAMA photo, won’t you?

    Best wishes for your recovery. I know you’re terribly disappointed about not being able to go to Russia, but it’s a three-year visa, right? Maybe this summer?

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Whew. What a reality check. I am so happy this did not happen in Mongolia or in Russia. “Have a 5th of Vodka Captain and suck it up.”

      Who knows with me. Not even I know with me. I wonder IF the lady with the purse (DRAMA) I photographed on New Years Eve in Hong Kong December 31st 2014 could possible realize how much publicity here purse has gotten. Still Smiling .. Cap

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