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NOV 26, 16 .. WHAT A SATURDAY I HAD TODAY .. NOV 26th 2016

Yes! Oh Yes! I have my, let’s see, what to call them, got it, MY DETRACTORS.

Of course the worst of my (many, several, few) detractors is the one between my right and my left ear.

Gratitude for the good news.

My DETRACTOR’s have some Not Such Good News:

“Yaa-Dee-Yaa-Dee La La Captain!” .. “Eternal optimist.” .. “What have you to say now Captain?” .. “Broken Hip. You are in great pain. Come now Captain. Tell us all about the good news Captain!” .. “Let’s see your Gratitude List Captain!”

The Good News? It only hurts when I move.

My DETRACTOR’s reply with some Not Such Good News:

Well Captain! Tell your followers that you only scream out loud, at the top of your lungs, when you do have to move. Otherwise it is just a dull, numbing, pain that does not allow you to get too comfortable.

The Good News? I am able to sleep. THAT solves many things.

The Good News? I was able to get from a sleeping position to that of sitting on the edge of my bed.

My DETRACTOR’s Not Such Good News:

It took you a full, honest, twenty minutes to perform the above herculean task.

The Good News? This, right here, I am able to use my computer to get my mind off the issue at hand.

Enough of this nonsense Detractors.


 MY ‘A’ TEAM ..

Yesterday, Steve K did not wait to ask me for permission to visit. Steve took action and came to my hotel. I am set up with a fully functioning China Mobile Cell Phone. We got to the hospital. I saw a Doctor. He ordered X-Rays. I have a broken hip. I am not imagining the issue with my left leg.

MY ‘A’ TEAM ..

I called Patti.

Patti called ‘Zilla.

ON THE SPOT .. The two of them, ‘Zilla with Patti’s support in addition to input from ‘Zilla’s wife KB, set up my two airline flights. I am leaving Hong Kong, tomorrow Monday the 28th, at 12-noon for Seattle in business class no less. I will lay over in Seattle and then I catch a plane from Seattle down to Phoenix Arizona at 11:20AM in first class.

‘Zilla has one class. The best. The very best. Nothing less will do for ‘Zilla or for his allies.

THANK YOU ‘ZILLA. You know, from actual experience in Atlanta, back a few years ago, about bad falls that change your life!

Patti has been jumping through the proverbial hoops to take care of me! She has contacted the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale Arizona. She has us a hotel reservation set up near the Mayo Clinic Campus. Patti has arranged for the safe storage of our Chevrolet Suburban in Anchorage. Patti has .. Patti has .. Patti has done too much for me to possibly describe in detail here.

Patti has been jumping through the proverbial hoops to take care of her plans! 

Patti has had to make plans for her travel to Phoenix where she will be waiting for me to arrive from Hong Kong via Seattle Washington down to Phoenix Arizona.

Do you want an ‘A’ TEAM.

If so, pattern your ‘A’ TEAM after my ‘A’ TEAM.

Still (what else to do really) Smiling .. Cap

If one is still smiling in spite of all that is going around one, one does NOT really understand the situation. /s/ YOUR DETRACTOR

Take a hike detractor.

8 thoughts on “NOV 27, 16 .. MY ‘A’ TEAM SWINGS INTO ACTION ..

  1. patricia boone

    What amazes me is hearing your presence and attitude over the phone … friends are visiting, friends are getting you out and pushing your wheelchair to get you to meals, ATMs, helped you get a phone, took you to visit a couple of your regular business people just so you could say hello. And through it all, I hear you laughing and being truly touched by all the kindnesses. You never cease to amaze me. See you in Phoenix … Love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      And acceptance TRULY IS the answer isn’t it? NOT approval but calm acceptance. I hope you got to the Black Sheep mtg and did indeed say some goodbyes for the time being. Things could be so much worse. What an ‘A’ TEAM I have! Much Love and? And? I hope to see YOU very soon. Isn’t THAT something. More Love, Cap.

    1. cap chastain

      Wow! eArThworm! How very special to hear from you and to realize that, way down in THE South, you are still following along here with yours truly. Once upon a time, some years back, you wanted to see just what Ooty looked like. And here you are. Still following along. Smiles and Joy. Cap

  2. z

    Sunday, November 27, 2016 – noon – So Cal

    Hi Cap,

    The wheels are in motion, wheels up, smooth flight, fix hip, relax with Patti and plan next trip! Klein Problemo!

    I missed your call last night as I was at a hockey game – and we lost – but at least I got your flight squared away just before I left for the hockey game. My normal drive time to the Area is about 45 minutes; today the I15 – 4 lanes over the Cajon Mountain pass at 4000 ft was jammed packed with folks returning from Thanksgiving vacation from here or there – bumper to bumper for 50 miles at about 5 to 10 mph! Anyway, I made it and had a lovely buffet Taco feast – who can complain, especially when I know the pain that you are going thru!!

    Fortunately KB took your call last night and was happy to spend a dime in a call – “that counts” – with you!! She was very surprised in your spirits as being very happy in spite of the circumstances – KB was amazed, but happy you had a great attitude despite the pain! As she noted and you both laughed, that “you have no pain when you aren’t moving”!!

    I’m off to a hockey game this afternoon at 3:00 pm and I plan to leave a little earlier and plan on taking some different shortcuts in hope of avoiding the traffic! It may snow tonight so who knows where I will sleep tonight!

    Since it’s earlier Monday morning in HK, about 4:00 am, I can imagine you are about to begin your journey!

    Fly safe!


    1. cap chastain

      Deep breaths huh? One step at a time huh? Just do it! I well knew you were at the hockey game. Yes! Great visit with KB. Not clear if you got my text message sent to our cell phone. It is hard to imagine the traffic. I am not 100% clear BUT I am guessing it was a Reigns game NOT a Kings game. But a lovely buffet Taco Feast sounds more like the Kings to me. Man alive. The pain you went through, the challenges of your being unable to sleep comfortably after your fall in your hotel room in Atlanta. YOU KNOW the deal here don’t you. Much Joy. And? And? THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN for the two flights. Still Smiling. Cap

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