NOV 28, 16 (1/2) .. MY ‘A’ TEAM UPDATE ..


From The Sky Team Lounge at Hong Kong Interntional Airport (HKG).

Steve K and Grant arrived at my hotel room at 7am. I was up and I was prepared to hold up my end of the bargain. Simply I was basically packed and ready to go with just a few odds and ends. Nothing big. I got a good 6-1/2-Hours of sleep last night.

7:45am .. The hotel staff came to my room with a porter and trolley to transport my bags to the lobby. I checked out and waited.

8:15am .. A special ‘wheel chair’ van arrived. All of this was set up by Steve K in advance over the weekend. I was loaded, much like an automobile wrecker tows a disabled car upon onto its flat bed, me and my wheel chair being pulled up a ramp into the rear of the van. Off we went for Hong Kong International Airport (HKG).

Very little traffic. Splendid, bright, sparking day. Arrived at HKG.

A porter was waiting just for us. Steve had it all set up. He saw our van pull up and he knew it was his passenger. I don’t know how this was set up. Steve just smiles when I ask for details.

Into HKG we went. To the airline counter we traveled. I kid you not, they were expecting us.

9am .. Into their wheel chair I was transferred. They checked three of my four bags. This was a favor. Steve just smiles. I am carrying only my Back Pack on board replete with MISTER LENOVO. All checked through to Phoenix Arizona.

We said our goodbyes. Into Immigration and Security I went with my attendant Terrence. To the Business Class Lounge. The staff prepared me breakfast. Scrambled eggs, baked beans, croissant, sweet roll, two sausages, orange juice and a bottle of water. Just for me. Steve is not here. He still is smiling to himself.

Now these few words to you via This Post. I am sitting with a man from Detroit Michigan and another from Sault Ste. Marie Canada. Go figure huh?

And? And?

I have remained in touch with Patti by phone. I called and left ‘Zilla and KB a phone message.

Time to sign off.

Erin in New York State a special message just for you Erin. Thanks for telling Patti you checked this dot.NET website before you called back since you KNOW all of my latest news is right here.


You are simply, The Greatest. 

Still Smiling .. What else are you going to do anyway?


Mumble, Mumble, Mumble.

What’s that My Detractor? You are mumbling.

Read my mind Captain!

6 thoughts on “NOV 28, 16 (1/2) .. MY ‘A’ TEAM UPDATE ..

  1. patricia boone

    Your A TEAM there in Hong Kong gets five stars ***** They kept telling me not to thank them … I could not help it! The Eryn who read your post before calling me was Eryn, not Erin. We just now had to get off the phone, your plane was moving away from the Hong Kong gate. See you in Phoenix in about 19 hours. Love, Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thank YOU key member of my ‘A’ Team. We did indeed hookup in Phoenix. I can not possibly thank you or the others often enough. Love, Cap

  2. Eryn

    Jason and I have been thinking of you and cheering for you from Girdwood. I enjoyed reading about Steve’s magic in the airport and the rest of your A team. Sometimes it is not until we really need help that we realize how many people are there for us in our lives. I’m glad your surgery went well, I thought it interesting the difference in treatment plans between what the Hong Kong doctor said and what the Mayo doctor said. Sounds like you are off to a great recovery! Sending healing thoughts your way!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks Eryn for your healing thoughts. Steve certainly was vital in Hong Kong. You are right about friends and the importance they are in each of our lives. Love from Patti and myself.

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