We, Patti and I, DID IT !!

It really, took-some-doing, but we got out of our motel, the Sleep Inn, in North Scottsdale Arizona (right red balloon) where we had been ‘living’ since Monday the 28th of November, and got on-the-road to Victorville / Apple Valley in California’s High Desert (left red balloon).

To put it very VERY mildly, it was quite-a-day for yours truly.

We spent Monday the 6th doing what we could do to get prepared for the trip yesterday. The issue was that we had three (3) Monday appointments at the Mayo Scottsdale Clinic beginning at 3:45PM and going to 5PM.

Yesterday, Tuesday the 7th, was quite-a-day for yours truly !

I was up about 6AM (Patti slept-in until 7:30AM). We left the Sleep Inn at 11AM and had to go transfer a medical prescription from Mayo to Wal-Mart. Then we had to stop at the Mayo Hospital Phoenix briefly.

We hit-the-road for California and Victorville / Apple Valley at 12 Noon when we left the Mayo Clinic and got onto the Phoenix Loop Road 101. We were onto I-10 West at 12:30PM.

Neither Patti nor I knew-for-sure how I would do on a long drive. It turned out to be an 8-hour trip covering right-at 400 miles!!

The most stressful part of the drive was when we entered the Eastern side of the greater Los Angeles Metro Area and headed up I-15 for Victorville / Apple Valley. At about 6:30PM, we had been on-the-road 6-1/2-hours, when we encountered dense-ground-fog accompanied by a light rain and severe, stop-and-go, bumper-to-bumper, end-of-the-day, rush-hour, traffic!

Patti was happy that I was behind-the-wheel of our truck!

All is well that ends well. After getting lost in Victorville we finally, with help from the staff at the Red Roof Motel, found our motel.

A few photos from the day.

Below you see one of Arizona’s wonderful rest stops on I-10.






“Patti? Oh Patti? What are you looking at so closely over there?”


Oh My !


Oh My Oh My !


Scorpions (on the left) and Rattlesnakes (on the right).

Luckily we were told they are not-out at this time of year. It is too cold for them and they are holed-up keeping warm.

Love the Cacti !



Oh my it sure does feel so nice to be out and road-running.

‘Zilla came to our motel about 9PM and we visited until about 12-Midnight.

For now .. That’s All Folks ..

Patti and Cap ..

Tonight, ‘Zilla and I are going to an Ice Hockey game near San Bernadino. It should be quite an outing.

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