Today, Tuesday the 28th of February 2017 ..

“The time had come the Walrus said to leave Victorville California (right red balloon)  and drive West to Lompoc California (left red balloon) thus ending our three week visit in Victorville with ‘Zilla and Claudia and head West to visit my son David.”

Since we are still close to the map above, and some of you might already be wondering about the basics of the drive, it was a 221-mile drive that took basically 5-hours.

We had two very different route options that I will get into in further detail below.

Yesterday (Monday the 27th of February) it was dark and overcast in Victorville with some rain sprinkles from time-to-time throughout the day. I told Patti that if we awoke to rain and dark skies in the morning we would ‘probably’ stay put in Victorville and await good weather and fair skies.

Today (Tuesday the 28th of February) the skies dawned clear with brilliant sunshine. Below is a photo taken at our Green Tree Inn in Victorville.

Do you want clear blue skies and bright sunshine, below you see both.


The below photo ‘pans left’ from the above photo.


In the above photo, to the left of The Green Tree Inn sign, in the distance across the road, you can see the below restaurant.


Richies Real American DINER.


Do any of you remember what the weather I told you about just yesterday looked like? In the above photo of Richies Real American DINER you can see-for-yourselves! Dark and threatening skies with rain sprinkles.

In the below photo you can see Patti closely looking at the menu.


And just where, do you all wonder, did the banana splits we two enjoyed in Victorville originate?


Oh My Oh My! Two (buy one get one free) banana splits for $4.95.


So Now-You-Know The Rest-Of-The-Story about our banana splits.

It was really a bit of a tug at each of our hearts as we two left Room 135 at The Green Tree Inn in Victorville.


But leave we did. We pulled away from our room at 11:20AM and headed for Lompoc.

In the front seat of our Suburban we were well armed with some fond memories of St. Valentine’s Day.


Now for our highway route from Victorville to Lompoc. We had planned to drive the below route. I will call it the Southern Route.

This past Sunday, the 26th of February, Patti and ‘Zilla and myself, drove South from Victorville to Ontario California to watch an ice hockey game. ‘Zilla is a season-ticket holder for the Ontario Reigns ice hockey team.



And .. I said to ‘Zilla ..

” ‘Zilla? If you were driving to Lompoc would you go the Southern Route down I-15 and West across Los Angeles?”

After a moment of deep serious consideration .. ‘Zilla said ..


“Oh No Cap!” .. “Go the Northern Route above the mountains. Avoid Los Angeles at all costs Cap!

So that is exactly, that is precisely, what we did. We motored the Northern Route you see in the map above to travel from Victorville to Lompoc.

I have to tell you all that it was a real chore getting out of our room and on-the-road this morning. We were focused on one thing: Getting to Lompoc. So we drove, more-or-less, straight through.

So I am sad-to-say that we took but three photos during our 5-hour drive. We had a letter we wanted to mail en route.

Taa-Daa !! Do all of you want to see what the United States Post Office in Littlerock California looks like?

[mappress mapid=”283″

Do you all see what I mean when I said it was a picture-perfect day!




We arrived at our wonderful motel here in Lompoc about 4:20PM this afternoon.

When I say wonderful, I mean, wonderful!





Our Happy Saint Valentine’s Day Memories linger on.



Well We Did It. We got out of Victorville and we got here to Lompoc.

Now that! For Us! Is a days-worth-of-work.

Smiles and Joy .. Patti and Cap

And Then ?

The two of us went out to the local McDonald’s for a mid-night snack.

Every month of March McDonald’s features the Shamrock Milk Shakes.


To the Shamrock Milk Shake we added a Bacon Ranch Salad (on the right) and a Grand Mac Hamburger (on the left).






And? And That’s All Folks!

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