Yesterday, Friday the 7th of April, after the plan that you are about to read about below was finalized (booked-and-paid-for), I asked Patti the following question:

“My Dear One, do YOU want to write a Post about this or do you want ME to write a Post?”

I then added:

“If I write the Post, the basic message will be very short, about seven words.”

Patti has deferred to me. Unless she changes her mind and comes back to add more, this is it.

In seven very short words here it is:

Patti is homesick and needs a break!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Of course there is a tad more to this story.

For the past several weeks, Patti has been mentioning how very VERY much she loves the month of May in Alaska. Saying things such as ..

“I always tell people, who want to visit Alaska, that May is perhaps the very best month to do do.”

“I so love watching the trees leaf-out during May.”

“I love planting my flowers during late May.”

A week or so ago I said to Patti,

“Would you like to go home to Alaska to enjoy the month of May My Dear One?”

Patti did not reply.

Thursday I said,

“My Dear One, you have not answered my question.”

Then Thursday I went on-line to Alaska Airlines and found that they do indeed fly into and out of Albuquerque New Mexico where we are heading this coming Friday the 14th of April.

Armed with this info, and the fact there are a number of flight options to fly from Albuquerque to Seattle and then to Anchorage, I told Patti about her options Thursday night.

Yesterday I said,

“Why don’t you just pull the trigger and ACTIVATE this plan?”

So Patti did just that. She will fly out of Albuquerque New Mexico on Wednesday the 3rd of May for Seattle and then North To Alaska and home in Anchorage.

“And Captain ..”

I am mulling my own options.

This I will say:

I am very VERY happy for Patti. She desperately needs a break and this should be-the-ticket.

For now,

Over and out .. Cap and Patti ..

A photo or two photos. We have been pretty busy enjoying life one-day-at-a-time.

We made two trips to the Grand Canyon. One last Tuesday and a second one last Thursday.

The below map ‘speaks-for-itself’.

A few photos.

Below our very first view of the entrance to the Grand Canyon National Park.

In the below photo, notice the brown colored sign between the two traffic lanes.

A close-up of the above brown colored sign.

“OK Captain. Pony-up with some buckeroos.”

It was worth each and every single cent. *See the rest of the story below.

Oh Yes. There were just a few others along for the scenery.

On the way up to Grand Canyon, there was another attraction that we also visited.



Here is The Rest Of The Story about the above entrance fees. What I ended up paying was a mere US $10.00 for a lifetime pass to all of the National Parks. Nothing for the vehicle. When we made our second visit we just flew through after showing my new card with photo I.D.  Go figure. I am not able to do so. Maybe a ‘perk’ for senior citizens.

8 thoughts on “APR 8, 17 .. A CHANGE IN OUR PLANS ..

  1. z

    Saturday, April 8, 2017 – 2:00 pm

    Hi Patti,

    I think it’s a very good decision to take a break in the “action” and have a lovely time in May in your home of the great State of Alaska!! Traveling can be fun, but all the traveling you two have been doing the past several months can sometimes, be overwhelming and tiring. Going from hotel to hotel can be a little hectic?!?

    And I am sure May will be great time as the “bugs, flys, bugs, flys, etc, etc” should still be sleeping!!

    Have a nice flight, enjoy the trip and especially enjoy your time being home!


    1. Cap Chastain

      Thanks ‘Zilla for your kind comment and support for Patti’s plan-of-action to assure her mental health. I could not agree more. Smiles .. Cap

  2. Ginny

    Safe travels Patti. I know you will enjoy your favorite month of May home in Alask

    Cap & Patti take care 6667p
    Love you, smiles. . . Ginny

  3. Jeanne Follett

    Yes, Cap. Women need to touch base with the home nest on occasion, no matter how much they are enjoying traveling.

    The senior pass used to be called the Golden Eagle pass. It might be called just the Senior Pass now. I have three of them because I used to forget to take it with me all the time and would wind up in a place covered by it and I would buy a new one. They get you and everyone in your vehicle in to many federally-managed places, like National Parks, Forest Service campgrounds, etc.

    Nice photos of the Grand Canyon. Hope you are going to post more.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Oh yes I plan to Post many more photos of Grand Canyon Jeanne. Me too! I have more-than-one of the Senior Passes. I am the one that suggested to Patti to take-a-break and go back North and really and truly just relax-and-let-her-hair-down. Very important. No it is CRITICAL AND VITAL. Thanks .. Cap

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