April the 15th means far more to me than being the traditional Income Tax Day here in the United States.

Sixty seven (67) years ago today, on April the 15th, 1950, a man I am proud to call a friend, began his journey of living life, one-day-at-a-time, without drinking any alcohol.

Mel ‘B’ of Toledo Ohio passed away at age 91-years on Sunday the 19th of February this year 2017 just shy of sixty seven years of continuous sobriety. Both Patti and I miss Mel a lot.

I will forever celebrate April the 15th as Mel’s most special day.

Rest In Peace Mel!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I just did an update on my TRAVEL page. Since the photos that I publish on my TRAVEL page soon disappear from that venue forever because I constantly update it, and since I feel they are so beautiful, and because not all of you, following along here with Patti and me, visit the TRAVEL page, I decided to post the photos again here in this about-to-be Post.

Yesterday, just after 12 o’clock high noon, Patti and I checked out of our Motel 6 in Flagstaff Arizona.

Patti and I just absolutely LOVED April in Flagstaff.

After spending an hour or so in the Flagstaff library, we drove South to Phoenix. We spent a few hours in Phoenix and then drove South to Marana Arizona just North of the greater Tucson Arizona Metro Area arriving at 7pm give-or-take a few minutes either way.

Are these maps wonderful or are they wonderful? Thanks Andrej for all of your great work here on our website.


Our driving day was 262 miles. When we left Flagstaff it was 65-Degrees. Soon we were experiencing 90-Degree temperatures as we dropped from 7,000-feet to 1,000-feet in Phoenix. We are just under 2,400-feet here in the Tucson area.

I wish, that back on November 28th, 2016, my medical team at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix would have told me ..

“It will probably be a full 6-months before you begin to feel, more-or-less, kind-of-sort-of, back to about 85% of your former normal-self.”


Now that I am no longer on the blood thinner Xarelto, I can sure feel a difference. Or is my mind playing games-with-me? I am not fond of taking medicine. Much less a serious medicine such as Xarelto. But, thank you Xarelto, you may’ve saved my life assisting my body to deal with the blood clots that I experienced in my lungs after my hip-replacement surgery.

Gone seems to be the bothersome and dis-orienting feeling of dizziness and / or vertigo. Gone is the worry that I could bleed-out during my sleep. Gone is the worry of a serious injury or cut with no means to immediately stop Xarelto’s blood thinning effect.

Forever Xarelto, thank you by-the-by, you changed the way I eat my food because I lived for 111-days in fear of biting my tongue and / or inside of my cheeks and thus causing bleeding to begin. Now I take smaller bites. Now I do not talk so much while eating. Now I am conscious of not opening my mouth so wide-open when I eat.

Prior to beginning my Xarelto regimen, at a minimum of at least several times a week, Patti would see me practically jump-out-of-my chair while eating because I was constantly biting myself and causing bleeding in my mouth to occur.


This is what happens when I just-sit-down at my Lenovo keyboard and begin.

Am I really feeling better?

I have begun a dialogue with my buddy ‘Zilla about purchasing some of his Delta Airlines Miles so that I can again return to Hong Kong and to Mongolia.

Is that crazy? Am I crazy?

Yes to both counts.

Easter Weekend. Matthew 28:6. He is Risen.

…   Thank You God ..

…   For Your Gift ..

…   To The World ..

…   Of Your Son ..

…   Jesus of Nazarth ..

…   Lord And Savior ..

…   He Is Risen ..

…   This I believe ..

…   Help My Un-Beliefs ..

…   Strengthen My Faith ..

…   God I Pray !!

You Believe.

You Don’t Believe.

No middle ground here! It is Yes. It is No.

I Believe. I am a Believer. In view of my life, how could I possibly not believe?


Am I too risen?

Have I, Phoenix-like from the ashes of my demise on November 25th 2016 in the Dubai International Airport in the United Arab Emirates, Risen again?

Where was I going when I began this? Got it? 

Do you want beauty? Do you want phenomenal?

I present both beauty and phenomenal to all of you.

“Hi Mister Black Beauty. Thanks for a great ride yesterday.”

“You’re most welcome Dad. It’s what I do Dad.”

“Dad! Do you see my spring-flowers are just beginning Dad? Look at the top of me Dad!”

“Wowie my friend Saguaro! The mystery of all-of-nature!”

Complete with blazing-fast, super-quality, WiFi!

Am I blessed? Am I lucky?

You betcha Red Rider!

You want me to stop-with-the-photos?

You tell me how to stop!

In the lower foreground, in the below photo, you can see my laptop and you can also see my ever-present-view!

And you want me to stop-with-the-photos.

Well the time has come, so sayeth the famous Walrus, for me to stop fussing-and-fiddling-around with-this-Post and to publish it.

On This Easter Weekend, I Give My Thanks To God Our Creator.

So too does Patti!

Love .. Patti and Cap

6 thoughts on “APR 15, 17 .. TO YOU IT MAY BE INCOME TAX DAY

  1. Jeanne Follett

    Well, good for you re considering a return to Hong Kong and Mongolia. I am positive it will do much for your self of self, knowing that you can continue your lifestyle of choice. Just tie the damn shoes, or get a pair of lightweight shoes like loafers, etc., that you can slip off and on with ease. BTW, in the US, seniors 75 and older do not have to remove shoes in airport security lines. I just found that out on my trip to AZ.

    Also, the photo workshop I went to was in the mountains just a few miles from Marana.

    What is that beautiful building in the lower part of your post?

    1. Cap Chastain

      Yes, I know seniors age 75 in the U.S. do not have to remove their shoes in the security check area. There is a lot for me to consider as to returning to Hong Kong and / or Mongolila. The beautiful building, in the lower part of the Post, is the home of our host(s) in Marana. And I thought YOUR home was the Taj Mahal! Smiles, Cap

  2. tom

    Cap 7 Patti- At R.O. library. Howdy. I have been having a few e-mail issue with my phone, hope to have it back to 100% soon. So Patti, I did get your nice note / Saturday ? Fiday, but I am not sure if my reply went out to you. Cap, I love the pictures, I am never tired of the U.S. soutwest. Hope to speak to you soon, all good on this end. I am leaving here in a minute to get my friend Paul over to a mtg. at 630pm in Hazel Park. If you guys recall, we were all there for the 4th of July last summer. Safe travels, Via con Dios amigos! Tom E. p.s. I will look in on travel site now.

    1. Cap Chastain

      Thanks Tom for your comment. I can just picture the R.O. Library! Hope your phone is OK now. As to loving the Southwest, me too. Best to Paul from us. Cap

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