When I myself don’t know for sure what is coming down-the-pike here I can’t expect any of you to know.

Are all of you sitting down? I don’t want anyone to fall over and hurt themselves.

I began to write this post on July the 16th 2017 (you heard me, July 16th of year twenty seventeen) and continued to add onto it as recently as July the 26th 2017. 

Then, wonder of wonders, it just disappeared because from August the 1st until August the 7th 2017, I was on a trip that had developed suddenly and I was travelling from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, North to Ulan Ude, Russian Siberia, on a speaking trip, my first ever into Russia Siberia.

Then back in Ulaanbaater, Mongolia, on August 14th 2017, I began dealing with a potential major health problem and ended up back in the Unites States at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, beginning on Friday, September the 1st 2017.

So with all of the above life issues that I was dealing with at the time, this poor post just got lost in the shuffle. 

Yesterday (Sunday the 18th 2022) I ‘discovered’ this poor lost orphan post. I won’t go into why I found it at this writing.

So, here I am on September the 19th 2022 and I am just going to post it.

– – – – – – – –

August 26th 2017

I have a saying.

To do what I do one must have ..

  • The health necessary to do what one is striving to do.  
  • The money you need to do what one is striving to do.
  • The guts TO DO what one is striving to do.

I have added another category. It is not quite a MUST, as are Health/Money/Guts, but..


Some of these photos you may have seen over on, and some of them you have not seen.

Grant and Keller in Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong. En route back to the United States heading for the Mayo Clinic, I passed through Hong Kong and visited with them.

Rambo their wonderful dog. I was taking a snooze in their apartment.

Ice cream treats near their apartment in Ap Lei Chau on Hong Kong Island. 

Grant and Rambo.

Smiling, Cap and Patti, who herself doesn’t ever know what’s coming next here.

Post Script : By the way (as I discovered the above post) I found four other posts sitting for years in draft form in our archives here on

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