The two of us arrived safely in Niagara Falls last night. We drove from Erie, Pennsylvania, to Westfield, New York (center red balloon ) where we spent a few hours. Then from Westfield we drove to Niagara Falls.



Upon passing through Customs and Immigration in literally a scant few minutes and entering into Niagara Falls..

Yours Truly immediately ‘ blew it ‘ big time.

By the time I knew we were lost (we were well on our way to Toronto, Ontario) I said to Patti..



“This does not feel right.”

So back East we drove. Long story short..

We did not tip over nor did either of us die.

We actually got into our room in time for Survivor.

The motel charged me 2x what I agreed upon and (tired beyond belief ) I paid it. I am working to resolve this hassle.

Our cell phones do not work in Canada. The motel Wi Fi is useless so I am at a local (phenomenal ) library with Patti.

Still Smiling.. All of this will pass..

Patti and Cap

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