I hope that none of you are giving up hope here. Patti and I have been very busy with traveling and all it entails. I would say that we have been, more or less, to some degree, jumping like crazy. So today, AT LAST, I am going to give all of you a, more-or-less, REAL POST.

Here we go loop-de-loop.

We are in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.



We are in the Canadian Province of Ontario.



Yesterday, Thursday the 5th of October, Patti and I took a very nice day-trip.

We drove North from Niagara Falls on the Niagara Parkway and visited Niagara-on-the-Lake (top red balloon ). On our way South as we returned to Niagara Falls, we visited a very special Park, Queenston Heights Park (center red balloon ). Finally we did some sight-seeing here in Niagara Falls (bottom red balloon ).



The Time Has Come The Walrus Said .. For A Real Post ..

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Let’s begin with lunch at Zees Grill in the Village of Niagara-on-the-Lake (top red balloon ).

To say there is no parking in Niagara-on-the-Lake is not 100% accurate. Some kind people grow up inheriting parking spaces from their ancestors. When Patti spied reserved parking for Zees Grill we really ‘ lucked out ‘ big time.

Zees Grill is located in a small hotel named the Shaw Club.

What a spectacular day we enjoyed.

We enjoyed sitting outside in the patio.

We had a Turkey Sandwich along with two ‘ Arnold Palmers ‘ for lunch.

To merely say we had a Turkey Sandwich for lunch does it a disfavor. Notice the phenomenal Caesar Salad on the left.

Queenston Heights Park and Brock’s Monument.

During the War of 1812, between the United States and The United Kingdom, the war also included allies of each nation. As such, the United States and Canada engaged in armed combat.




This magnificent Park, Queenston Heights Park, was the scene of combat between the US and Canada.

Brock’s Monument, located in the Queenston Heights Battlefield, honors the British officer Major General Issac Brock, also known as The Hero of Upper Canada.


You all must realize, that when I see such a monument, I am somewhat ‘torn’ between my alliance to my country of birth, The United States of America, and to Canada, the county of birth of my mother. I am, after all, half-Canadian. My mother, still a Canadian citizen, naturalized during WWII, well after my birth. My Casey ancestors on my mothers-side, were Loyalists. United States citizens, Loyal to Great Britain, who left the U.S. to settle in Canada, from 1775 to 1883.

I was born in, I was raised in, Detroit, Michigan. I have allegiance to my hometown of Detroit.

If you can read line ten (above) or line seven (below)  .. Major General Brock led the daring capture of Detroit.. You will see why I became quite interested in this visit to Queenston Heights Battlefield Park.

Our very first look at Brock’s Monument. The monument is stunning in size and beauty.

The monument was constructed from 1853 to 1856. It is 185-feet in height. I stood, looking up at the monument, wondering how, in the 1880’s, such a monument could be erected.

There are many, MANY, informational displays.

Photos of the magnificent park itself.

What could be much finer than to walk in such a phenomenal park on a beautiful Autumn Day?

At the extreme right of the above photo, you have the below gazebo.

Many monuments and memorials are in the park as well as Brock’s Monument.

Below is a closer view of the above monument.

Below is a small special events building that includes a very fancy (read : expensive) restaurant.

One final look at Major General Issac Brock’s Memorial.

Niagara Falls

Looking across from Canada at the American Falls.

As you stand across the street from the American Falls, you see what they look like in the photo below.

Now we have crossed the above street and see the unobstructed view of the American Falls.

Below are the famous Canadian Horseshoe Falls.

Some other photos of the general area around the falls.

We will close with two views of the Niagara Falls skyline taken from our truck.

Voila. At last. A real Post.

Smiles.. Patti and Cap

Oh By The Way..

Now we are going to drive from Niagara Falls to London, Ontario, where we will be spending a few days.



Whewie!  This Post has been .. ‘One Day’s Work ‘

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