Patti and I are currently deeply involved in reading books. We read them aloud to each other. We take turns, depending on how each of us feel at our various, non-scripted, ‘reading times’.

First, we read the incredible spiritual book, ‘Breakfast with Buddha’ by Roland Merullo.

That ‘read’ took us immediately into his follow up sequel, ‘Lunch with Buddha’ an equally intense and another amazing spiritual book.*

*Yes indeed ‘Zilla. There is a third sequel titled : ‘Dinner with Buddha’

Yes indeed ‘Zilla. We have this third book also.

Of course, ‘in the mix’ we also read together ..

We read ‘Turn Around Bright Eyes’ in a Kindle edition and then followed up with some reading of it in hard cover form. This vividly showed me, a total newcomer to Kindle books, the radical difference between these two forms of reading.

A hard cover (or paperback) book you can browse and peruse at your will by flipping forward or backward with great ease.

This is simply not the case at all with a Kindle book. YES you can go forward and YES you can go backward but you do so either one-page-at-a-time or go back to the table of contents, select a chapter, go to the chapter and do the one-page-at-a-time ‘fire drill’.

You can take a regular book, open it to a page, and read forward a line or two at a time moving rapidly forward through the pages to capture the feel and meaning of pages you had already read so as to refresh yourself of what you think you remember reading. At our ages, we sometimes need a little refresher as to what we read yesterday or maybe last week.

To make matters worse, and to confuse us further, Patti’s Kindle did not come from with any written instructions. I suppose we could contact and ask if the instructions are on-line somewhere.

This is, after all, an honest program. YES indeed, all of this reading has set me behind in my attempts to keep my websites, more or less, up to date.

I have published a blogspot Post titled : NOV 22, 17 .. IRON MOUNTAIN, MICHIGAN. BATS IN THE BELFRY.


Patti, the instigator of our reading the three Buddha books..

Cap, the instigator of ‘Turn Around Bright Eyes’..

2 thoughts on “NOV 22, 17 .. THANKSGIVING EVE DAY 2017

  1. Tom

    I did karioke 1 time, it is fun. My daughter Katie and her pals used to go quite a bit, there was a noted place in Ferndale that was quite good setting I am told.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Well Tom, here I am, a day or two or three late and a few dollars short. You are now out in the West and I am just getting to your comment. Thanks Tom for checking in here on So far Patti and I have not checked out karaoke live and alive at a real venue. Smiles .. Cap

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