NOV 30, 17 .. WHEW!!~ AGAIN.. WHEW!!~

“Well Captain, where exactly have you and Patti been? What have you two been doing since we last heard from you?” 

As I (literally) set my fingers upon my Lenovo Laptop keyboard, it is 2:13pm, here in our condo in Anchorage, Alaska, on Thursday afternoon the 30th of November 2017.

It has now been over a full week since my last Post was published Wednesday the 22nd of November.

In my last Post I began with the following words:

Patti and I are currently deeply involved in reading books. We read them aloud to each other. We take turns, depending on how each of us feel at our various, non-scripted, ‘reading times’.

First, we read the incredible spiritual book, ‘Breakfast with Buddha’ by Roland Merullo.

That ‘read’ took us immediately into a follow up sequel, ‘Lunch with Buddha’ an equally intense and another amazing spiritual book.

“Yes ‘Zilla?” .. “Yes indeed ‘Zilla after Breakfast and Lunch there is a third sequel titled : ‘Dinner with Buddha’ “..

Yes ‘Zilla, we also have this third book.”

And that our good friends, is the den into which Patti and I have disappeared for the past week or so. The two of us totally captured and totally captivated by these three books.

We just now finished reading the final book, ‘Dinner with Buddha’ and, after more than a few minutes sitting together attempting to comprehend and digest what we have been reading in these three books, I said to Patti, “I have got to put up a Post on”

The above title : WHEW!!~ AGAIN.. WHEW!!~ pretty well sums up how we are feeling.

Moving onward while still experiencing a lingering state of spiritual numbness I am feeling having just set the book down, I want to wrap up a loose end from my previous two posts.

Karaoke being the principal subject of my last two Posts, Patti and I have not yet set out to find and to visit and to check on a local Anchorage Karaoke Bar / Den. It is high on our To Do List.

Thanksgiving Day 2017.

We were up early and sitting in front of our television set just prior to 9am to watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. We watched the parade on two channels. On BOTH channels we were able to view (in different locations on the parade route) our local Colony High School Marching Band. For the first time in the history of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, a high school band from the State of Alaska proudly participated in the parade as they marched down the streets of New York’s Manhattan District. We were touched almost to the point of tears and so proud of the approximately 100 band members who had practiced for 18-months for their big day in NYC.

We then attended a Thanksgiving Day meeting and, for two hours afterward, enjoyed an enormous feast along with a lot of visiting, with well over one hundred fellow associates.

And we two read to one another.

Black Friday 2017.

We stayed home and 100% stayed away from, and out of the madness of, Black Friday.

And we two read to one another.


We spent the better part of the day last Saturday visiting the Eagle River Nature Center, located in the mountains North of Anchorage.

Just getting to the Nature Center was a beautiful drive.

We have arrived. It is about a 25-mile drive from our condo to the Nature Center.

There was quite a turn-out for a Saturday afternoon as visitors listened to wildlife speakers discussing birds.

In the above photo, you will see the speaker holding a Snowy Owl. Below are two photos of an Alaskan Crow who kept up an almost constant stream of very loud squawks.

He was a real character. Far more animated than the two very silent owls.

I went outside of the Nature Center to take a walk and explore the area. A lady was explaining the life of a Great Horned Owl.

This is a cute story. For several years the owl’s name was Earl. Then it was discovered that HE was a SHE. So now her name is Pearl.

The time had come for me to get a little exercise and do some more exploring.

After a very nice and a very full afternoon, we were both hungry. First we enjoyed a nice, late afternoon drive back to civilization.

Then we two enjoyed a fine dinner at a fine restaurant.


And then?

We drove home to our condo and we two, once again, read to one another.

All kidding aside, we two have been spending an extraordinary amount of time reading these three books.


Along with many other activities that have kept us busy, I just haven’t had nor taken the time to write and publish Posts here on

This Post has two dates. I actually wrote it on Thursday the 30th of November, but published it very early Friday morning the 1st of December.


Yes indeed sports fans, it’s here in Alaska. Winter has settled in.

Much Joy from Patti and Cap

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