I will say this : I did not enjoy the game. I got far too tense for my own good. In the best-of-worlds, I don’t like my mood to be determined by any outside event(s). So it was not a fun nor particularly enjoyable experience for yours truly. But watch the game? We did for sure.

Am I happy with the final result : YES !

Having said the above, both Patti and I were rooting for the upset that finally happened. But until the game clocked finally expired, the Patriots were still in-the-game with Tom Brady’s final ‘Hail Mary’ pass to Rob Gronkowski and a group of players at the Eagles goal line. Had that pass succeeded, then the Patriots were faced with making a two-point conversion. So the odds were high against them winning but were not zero.

In sports, at some point, I think all but a teams home-town fans get tired of, bored with, one team dominating the scene for years. As a Detroit Red Wing ice hockey fan, I got tired of the Montreal Canadians winning so often. As a Detroit Lions fan, I am tired of seeing the Green Bay Packers always in-the-hunt. As a Detroit Tiger baseball fan, I shall not comment on the New York Yankees. Then we have the Boston Celtics and the UCLA Basketball Bruins as two more ‘sports dynasties’.

Tomorrow, Patti and I fly to Las Vegas, Nevada. Stay one night. Then drive to Laughlin, Nevada, for three nights and then to Lake Havasu City, Arizona and finally Phoenix, Arizona, arriving on Monday the 12th.


Cap and Patti

2 thoughts on “FEB 5, 18 .. QUITE A SUPER BOWL GAME YESTERDAY ..

  1. Gullible

    I agree with sports dynasties needing to be knocked off once in a while. The Cowboys, 49ers, Patriots, etc. So, for that reason I was hoping the Eagles won. They fought like heck and won. Good for them.

    Have a great time in the Southwest!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I mean to shout didn’t the Eagles deserve to win! Amazing. We couldn’t believe it and were watching each and every play. Four possessions in the 4th Quarter. Touchdown / Field Goal / Touchdown / Field Goal to put the game 99% out-of-reach of the Patriots. Yet the Patriots were in it right up until the clock struck 0 time left in the game. Smiles .. Cap and Patti

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