What a day! I won’t go into it in great detail because I want to get this Post written and published.

I was washing my hair to begin the day. Suddenly, with my head above the kitchen sink faucet, a sudden, instantaneous vertigo attack hit me. My head just dropped down like a falling brick. My face hit the faucet just below my left eye. I could have lost the eye. Pure and simple. Patti came running when she heard my vocal reaction. Yes. I have a black-eye.

Just what we needed. More DRAMA.

We were basically ready to walk out the door but we were early for our taxi. I suggested to Patti that she call Alaska Airlines to be sure that we had wheelchair assistance set up. I was at the door looking for our taxi.

Got it? We were ready to get the cab to the airport.

Alaska Airlines flatly told Patti that our reservation had been cancelled!

It got worked out. I don’t know how but we got on the flight. I had a center seat and got to know Zeke (on my left) and Martha (on my right) during the 3-1/2 hour flight. Every flier dreads the middle seat. At the gate Patti got a aisle seat.

Here we go with some photos.

We are in the Anchorage International Airport.

“I sure hope we can help that older couple over there.”

A snowy day in Anchorage.

We’re on the plane. Not one empty seat. I don’t know how we got on the flight.

Into Seattle we arrived. Then we had to wait for wheel chairs at our arrival gate lounge N7.

To get from N7 to our departure gate C17 we had quite the trip.

The wheel chair attendants really know their airports and how to get around.

Las Vegas here we come.

No snow in Seattle.

We have arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Detroit’s very own Tiger Tom and Ginny picked us up at the airport and drove us to our hotel.

Our room.

Not too shabby for $54.20 a night.

Lets get a few night photos of Las Vegas.

Good Ol’ Macs.

Delicious Southwest Chicken Salad.

Along with the above Southwest Chicken Salad (I helped Patti eat the salad), yours truly munched down three of McDonald’s $1.00 hamburgers.

That’s all for now folks.

Patti and Cap

2 thoughts on “FEB 7, 18 .. WE ARE IN LAS VEGAS, NEVADA

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Photos of my black eye are coming soon. Priceline is our secret. Neither of us bet or gamble (ever). Really enjoyed our short visit to Las Vegas. Smiles, Cap and Patti

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