Today is yet to happen but here is a warm-up.

At 11AM I will see my Mayo Internal Medicine doctor and try to get-to-the-bottom of my vertigo issues.

Yesterday Patti and I spent a wonderful afternoon with our best-of-friends here in Phoenix, Loran and Gard. See the below link for some wonderful photos.


As I always caution, you can ‘read’ a link and see what it is saying.

The above link says that you will be seeing the .. backyard-garden-of-our-best .. etc et al. And the link is to my own website .. bobbacaps.blogspot.com ..


You don’t ?

Oh Well .. What The H – – – !!

“Oh Good Lord Captain .. You are calling this a Post?”

Yesterday was the first day (I think) that (except for weekend days Saturdays and Sundays) Patti and I did NOT have Mayo Medical ‘Doings’.

“You want some photos to look at?” ..

“You want some photos here at dot.net and not over at blogspot to look at?”

“Photos now Captain!” /s/ Your Followers.

” What are you looking down at Patti?”

“What a view we have here from up at the top viewing deck of the Skylon Tower Cap!”

The famous Skylon Viewing Tower, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

“Captain Oh Captain? How on this good earth did we get from Phoenix to Niagara Falls?”

“I just stumbled onto a memory chip dated 2014 or so (who is counting) and here you have Niagara Falls!”

“Dad, Dad, DAD .. Come on now! Show me as I really am Dad!”

/s/ Your Skylon Tower

It is a giddy ride up and back down.

Oh BUT .. The views from the top viewing deck of the Skylon Tower are stunning.

“The Rainbow Bridge connecting Niagara Falls, New York, with Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.”

“Look over there Cap. The Horseshoe Falls!”

“I love it up here Cap.”

“Do you see, the the far right of the American Falls, the very small Bridal Veil Falls?”

“If you don’t know what you are looking for / looking at, you will completely miss the Bridal Veil Falls.”

“Again, look at the very far extreme right of the much larger American Falls.”

“What a great time-of-day to have come up to the very top of the Skylon Tower Cap.”

“Once again, at the extreme far right of the American Falls you see the Bridal Veil Falls.”

“We never ever know-for-sure our future. We may never again be back up here Cap.”

“A last look down at the Rainbow Bridge.” The Green Tower (center of the below photo to the left of the American Falls) is the Observation Tower.”

The Green Tower (upper center of the above photo, to the left of the American Falls) is the Observation Tower.

You can only access the Observation Tower from the United States side of Niagara Falls.

Patti looking out at the view from the Observation Tower.

YES! What spectacular views of the American Falls one has from the Observation Tower.

“No matter your viewing point Cap, the Niagara Falls are magnificent.”

“See what I mean Cap?”

The Time Has Come The Walrus Said ..

To wrap this mini-adventure up ..

Your Captain has hundreds, yes, 100’s of photos of our several visits to Niagara Falls ..


To this date / to this point in time .. Your Captain has NOT YET DONE a really complete / comprehensive Niagara Falls Post either here on dot.net or over on blogspot.com.


“Ask The Shadow!”

“NO! Ask Gullible! Who herself knows how it feels to be overwhelmed with photos and projects.”

Still Smiling .. We have to get ourselves over to the Mayo Scottsdale Campus for yet another medical consultation.

Mayo Clinic, Phoenix Campus

Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale Campus

Did I just write up above here the following ..

The Time Has Come The Walrus Said ..

To wrap this mini-adventure up ..

Over And Out ..

Cap and Patti

“Captain Oh Captain! We are really on-a-roll here aren’t we?”

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