I got started on all of this medical news / and updates and find myself ‘owing’ those of you following along these updates. I sort of wish that I had not even begun this process. Oh well. Here we go loop-de-loop again with an update.

Thursday the 22nd of February 2018.

Cap’s news :

Last Tuesday the 20th, I had three vertigo oriented appointments / and procedures here at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona.

The below link states that from 2% to 3% of Hospital Emergency Room (ER) visits are vertigo related.


Yesterday I had a meeting with a Mayo Doctor to discuss the results of the Tuesday vertigo apppointments.

Up until yesterday, I (mistakenly) thought that vertigo was the exclusive province of the ears. I was in the ER back on December 12, 2012, in Lafayette, Louisiana, my first really serious vertigo experience. During that experience I was under the impression the vertigo problem centered in my ears. Looking back, this was odd thinking because when I was in the ER in Lafayette, LA, they did a brain scan among other non-ear-related tests.

Yesterday I was told two things.

  1. Based upon the ear-oriented testing conducted Tuesday, my vertigo is NOT associated with my ears and their hairs and crystals that account for our internal balance-mechanism.
  2. That I needed to make an appointment with an Internal Medicine doctor to explore my vertigo related symptoms more fully because vertigo may be caused by other internal factors.

This was not particularly good news for yours truly. I don’t need nor do I want to go off on some medical witch-hunt seeking answers far more complex than mere ear problems.

However, by some act-of-God, or an act-of Mayo-Medical-grace, this Friday (aka tomorrow the 23rd) I have an appointment with an Internal Medicine doctor to further explore this ‘bothersome’ issue.

None of you non-Mayo-patients can fully appreciate the fact that you get into the Mayo system by an act of grace or via an offical recommendation from your own doctor and NOT by merely showing up, unannounced, at one of the Mayo Clinics saying, “Help me with my medical issues.”

Only because in November of 2016, when I was admitted with my broken hip and a serious internal infection that required me to be seen by Internal Medicine Mayo doctors, can I now see one again.

Updates to follow.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Patti’s news.

Patti has had back / spinal issues for some many years now. Because I entered into the Mayo system back in the Autumn of 1988 (this event had to be an Act-Of-God itself) and re-entered it in Novemer 2016 with my broken hip, I am a firmly planted Mayo patient. Then my Mayo doctor accepted Patti into his practice, so now Patti herself is a formal Mayo patient.

You want some good Karma? The above is some very good Karma!

Without going into details (quite amazing details) Patti is now seeing (as of yesterday when this small miracle happened on-the-spot during one of my own visits to physical therapy back in January of 2017) her own physial therapist for her back /spinal related symptoms. In fact at 9:30AM yesterday, Wednesday the 21st, Patti was told the following : “We can get you into physical therapy this upcoming April 2018.”

The God-of-Mayo (who else) intervened and in fact :

Yesterday, at 12 o’clock noontime, a few hours after being told, “We will see you next April.”, Patti had a hands-on, one hour appointment with a physical therapist! Further, Patti now has four or five future weekly appointments with her physical therapist.

Patti and I feel that some of my own Karma is rubbing off on her.

Enough for now.


Did I just write Enough for now? Far too much for now but .. you get the idea .. we ‘owe’ you some updates.

Cap and Patti

7 thoughts on “FEB 22, 18 .. ODD MEDICAL NEWS .. WELL .. ODD TO ME

  1. Gullible

    Interesting. I, too, thought vertigo was always related to the ears. Waiting to see what the situation is.

    Glad to hear Patti will be–hopefully–getting some help for her back pain. Alas, physical therapy comes with its own burden of pain until the muscles are strong enough to work.

    1. cap chastain

      No, we won’t be moving just to be closer to the clinic per se. IF we move, it will be to find rooms that remain in our price range. Scottsdale, where both of the primary Mayo facilities are located, is a very expensive area of Phoenix. Mayo does have patient housing available for about $250 per day. They do work with a number of motels / hotels who may give patients the benefit of a lower ‘Mayo-patient’ rate for the simple reason Mayo patients are abundant coming here from all over the world.

  2. Greg De Young

    Glad to hear you both are receiving the best care available. Vertigo sounds hellish, hope you get some relief. Patti, don’t be a slacker like me and do your stretches. Snowflakes are falling while we sit in our warm hut. Tserings surgeon will replace her other knee later this year. Fred is recovering well from a valve job and pace maker. AA helps me through it all. Last night I broke out of my shell and spoke of surrender and having a sponsor. A kind neighbor helps us with computer and officialdom issues. More later you two, your friends Greg and Tsering.

    1. cap chastain

      Wow and Yes! So nice to see your comments appearing here on my website Greg. I will call you later. Sorry I missed your phone call the other day. Will Tsering’s sister be able to return to assist Tsering with a second knee operation this autumn Greg.

      Yes Oh Yes. Vertigo is very bad, hellish indeed. More may be yet revealed. Having an MRI next Monday the 26th.

      Your Pard .. Cap

    2. Cap Chastain Post author

      So nice, so very nice to have you along on the ride Greg. IMPRESSIVE you are really getting the hang of this. Your Pard .. Cap

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