Gullible will be happy to read the following reality-check.

We have lost internet contact here in our Phoenix Motel. It has been off again / on again for only minutes at a time / and right back (frustratingly) off again.

Today’s Rhetorical Question : Does the loss of internet access mean that God wants me to take-a-break here and to stop posting daily posts?

Answer : God cares less!

Besides, I did NOT pray to God to have the internet service re-established.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Monday, Tuesday, TODAY, Wednesday the 21st of February, it has been Mayo Clinic appointments.

Monday the 19th was a BIG day. Patti and I saw the surgeon who performed my left hip replacement on December the 1st, 2016. All looks swell after one year and counting. He said, “We’ll take a look-see in five years.”

I asked him (my orthopedic surgeon) IF he would recommend me for a Vertigo assessment.

This absolutely, positively amazing doctor literally ‘snapped-his-fingers’ and ?

Tuesday (yesterday) the 20th, I had (count them) three (3) vertigo assessment appointments  here at the Mayo Clinic.

6:30AM Leave our motel. 7:20AM Arrive Mayo Clinic Scottsdale, Arizona.

7:30AM Check In.

8:00AM One procedure.

8:30AM A second procedure.

8:45AM An assessment evaluation.

Prior to the vertigo appointments I was told to (1) fast with (2) no water and (3) no medications.

“Why?” this fasting regimen I asked. “Because the testing we will do may make you get sick and even throw up.”

Neat huh?

I did NOT get sick nor throw up.

They said this could be because my vertigo attacks are so severe that the ‘mere’ procedures they did were nothing to my body compared to my actual vertigo attacks. That is to say, my body just dismissed their (my body thought feeble) efforts to induce dizzyness.

My orthopdic surgeon is also Patti’s surgeon here at Mayo and is working with Patti to get Patti some relief from her spinal issues  / pain discomfort.

Wednesday the 21st 

7:00AM Leave our motel. It is a shorter drive to Phoenix Mayo.

7:45AM Check in.

8:00AM Vertigo consultation.

Meanwhile Patti is waiting for word on her own spinal physical therapy regimen to begin.

Wednesday the 27th

My male osteoporosis consultation to evaluate one full year of medication treatment with Residronate and mineral supplements.

Over and OUT for now.

Still Smiling ..


Because we have so very much to smile about!

Mixed into our schedule have been two days visiting with a great friend of ours, Jean from Anchorage, who was at the Ladies Conference with Patti. We enjoyed two very nice evening meals together. We did some nice driving around. We attended a great meeting we three and Patti and Jean were honored to have been asked to share at the meeting.

Cap and Patti

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