Today, Sunday the 8th of April, Patti and I drove from Indio (left red balloon ), California, East to Phoenix (right red balloon ), Arizona.



Basically, there is absolutely nothing in the 100-miles from Indio to Blythe (left center red balloon ), California, and then 25-miles further East in Quartzsite (right center red balloon ), Arizona. Driving East from Quartzsite to Phoenix, the Arizona desert scenery is far more beautiful and interesting than the desert we saw in Southern California.

We stopped in both Blythe, where we visited a restaurant to cool off and check on the standings of The Masters Golf Tournament and then again in Quartzsite where we also stopped to cool off and learn that Patrick Reed won his first-ever Major Golf Tournament. Exciting to follow. We nearly stayed an extra night in Indio so we could watch the 4th round today but the motel in Indio would not give us a break on the room price of $80 a night so we came on to Phoenix where we had a paid-in-full room waiting for us.

Basically I do not like hot weather. Basically I feel that I can dress-for-cold but not for heat.

With this-in-mind, I never-in-this-lifetime thought that I could drive 250-miles in 95 Degree desert heat with no air conditioning in a vehicle and be perfectly comfortable.

I have always heard : As you get older, you can tolerate heat much better than when young. Patti also seems very able to do this alongside of me.

So all is well, All is swell, That ends well and today ended just fine.

Cap and Patti

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