Patti and I HAVE NO MORE Mayo Clinic medical appointments.

Last Wednesday the 11th, Patti had a MRI examination of her spine. Yesterday the 12th, she met first with her Physical Therapist and then later in the day with her Doctor to discuss the results of her spinal MRI.

In a nutshell : Patti will stay-the-course for the time being.

Yes, she still has pain and discomfort arising from the arthritis and spinal stenosis. However, Patti and her Doctor and her Physical Therapist have agreed that she will NOT have any surgery nor will she have any injections into her spine for the time being. She will continue the regimen of exercises she has been doing for the last month under the direction and guidance of her absolutely outstanding Mayo Clinic Physical Therapist. Her Doctor asked her to give him two full months notice when / if she decides to try another round of spinal injections. At this writing she plans no further action until at least next fall / winter.

Next Monday the 16th we are driving from Phoenix to Kingman, Arizona.



We plan to stay in Kingman and environs until Sunday the 22nd.

More to follow.

Cap and Patti

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