Patti and I are in Kingman (upper right red balloon ), Arizona.



In a few hours Patti and I are going to drive from Kingman over to Oatman, Arizona, to meet Detroit Tiger Tom and Ginny who are coming from Laughlin, Nevada, for a nice visit.

Oatman, Arizona, and its famous burros.

Last night, Patti and I ate dinner at Rutherford’s, a relatively famous, Route 66 theme, restaurant here in Kingman.

Historic US Route 66 passes by Rutherford’s (you can see it on the extreme left below).

Notice if you will, the mention of Oatman in the above photo mural.

Rutherford’s is a 1950’s theme diner.

We enjoyed our dinner. I had a tuna sandwich and Patti had a Greek Omelette with toast and country fried potatoes.

When we finished our dinner night had fallen.



WELL! ..


As the two of us drove away from Rutherford’s and headed back to our motel, I, wearing a sweatshirt, was feeling very cold. I asked Patti if she was cold and if she wanted me to turn on the heater in our truck. Patti said that yes she did and that some heat would feel really good to her.

So I turned on our truck heater and we both felt much better.

You have to understand, at night the desert cools down and while in Rutherford’s, the temperature had plunged down into the 50’s and we were so ‘freezing cold’ that each of us really needed some heat!

Last week we saw 101 F. Now with temperatures in the 50’s or lower at night we are c-c-c-cold.



Cap and Patti

Gullible posted the following comment to our last Post.

Why? Why are you in Kingman, and why are you staying 8 nights? That’s more than enough time for moss to grow on you rolling stones.

We are in Kingman because we wanted to be in cooler weather (watch what you pray for huh?). We are in Kingman because our pleasant, two-queen-bed, motel room cost is in the $35 price range. And night-after-night in Phoenix we were in the $70 or higher price range.

A very pleasant and large room at 50% or less than we were paying in Phoenix.

2 thoughts on “APR 18, 18 .. IMPOSSIBLE! .. HOW CAN THIS BE? .. WELL! .. WHAT IS .. IS

  1. Greg De Young

    Dear Stones, Well you rolled up in elevation to cool off and snag a $35 room too.

    Hello Dear Friends, Amazing 50 is cold to you now but after the heat a break. Oatman looked a little third world with animals wandering. Greetings to rocking Tom and his lady. We returned the 15th after two and a half weeks in California, great trip full blown spring. Visited family and three old friends including a high school pal I hadn’t seen since 1976. He runs a trailer park between Sacto and Lake Tahoe. They drove us over the pass(7350 ft) and down to the lake. Had a picnic in the lake shore. Looked around for Little Joe and Hoss but no luck. Driving north my back went out, taking it easy, Love Greg and Tsering.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks so much Greg for your newsy comment. We hope your back is better. Any health issue whatsoever can completely change how you feel and your attitude(s). Sounds like a great trip Greg. A nice picnic by the lake. Fun to look for the Ponderosa Ranch. Proud you are following along here. Cap and Patti

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