This morning I sent the below text message to our friend Gord.

” Hi Gord. Sorry to be slow answering. I’ve been really sick (again). Low to no (zero) energy. It saps one’s desire to live. It keeps returning in waves. Cap Las Vegas “

A week-or-so ago Gord sent me a text and only this morning have I felt the strength to reply to his gracious text.

By the way Gord, before you stop reading this, here is the answer to your question : You asked me what happens to our truck Black Beauty?

You did not ask me : How did Black Beauty get from Royal Oak out to Arizona in the first place. Let’s go back to late November of 2016 when I flew into the Mayo Clinic from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates for my hip replacement surgery.

Tom Tiger is the answer Gord.

Tom calls himself Tom Tiger after the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team. He is one rabid fan of the Detroit Tigers.

Tom Tiger drove Black Beauty out from Royal Oak to Phoenix for us in late November 2016. I drove Black Beauty back to Royal Oak in May of 2017, after Patti flew to Anchorage from Albuquerque, May 3rd. One round trip for Black Beauty.

Then, when we two flew into Las Vegas last February the 6th, 2018, who but Tom Tiger, grinning as he sat behind the wheel of Black Beauty, met us at the baggage claim area of the Las Vegas Airport and took us to our Hotel here in Las Vegas that he, Tom Tiger, set up for us.

Yesterday, Tuesday the 24th, Patti and I drove from Kingman West to the Bullhead City, Arizona / Laughlin, Nevada metro area. There we picked up Tom Tiger and we three drove North to Las Vegas. Tom dropped us at our hotel here and returned to Laughlin.



As I write , Tom and his lady Ginny, along with Black Beauty, are motoring East to New Mexico and then will head North for Royal Oak.

NEWS BULLETIN :  I am going to stop calling him Tom Tiger. Patti and I will begin to call him Terrific Tom.

ALERT : IF anyone reading this has so much as one-smart-brain-cell you will just stop here.

“What’s that ‘Zilla?” ..

“If they stop here Cap, they will miss the sixty or so photos at the very bottom of the Post. The photos you put-up after you and Patti signed off.”

“Geez ‘Zilla. I just said to stop. You obviously did not stop reading this as I suggested.”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

Look at the up-side. We haven’t bored so many of as one of you with my / our tales of woe have we? 

Saturday, March 24th, in Phoenix, first me, and then on Monday the 26th Patti, were hit with a deathly illness. Binge vomiting. Blast diarrhea. Chills and fever and aches and pains.

This issue here is the Numbers Game. As in : The Numbers are adding up with regard to our respective ages. 81-years and 77-years.

All you hear is this : Senior Citizens! Watch out for the flu epidemic going around.

Stupid Rhetorical Statement : How exactly do you watch-out for one of these flu strains ravishing parts of the country? Go to your eye doctor and purchase special flu-visible eye glasses?

The simple fact of the game is that these flu-epidemics hammer the senior citizens. Many die from complications. And here we are, senior citizens. We wash our hands constantly, using the World Health Organization hand-washing technique.


You can check the above link. www.who (means world health organization).

My son Robb first alerted Patti and I to the above valuable information sending us a Wall Street Journal newspaper article.

When I have been in bed, sleeping perhaps 15-hours a night and then naps throughout the day, I don’t have the get-up-and-go to write and publish a Post.

So the very existence of this Post says something : I feel well enough to write it.

For the very first time ever-in-my-life, I am in an extended period of feeling just plain pure-and-simple, lousey. For the first time in-my-life, food has just been unattractive to me. I do not feel like eating, I do not want to eat anything. BUT, I have been eating a few token morsels. Last night I laboriously ate half of a tuna-footlong at the local Subway BUT could NOT finish a McDonald’s McFlurry (soft ice cream with M & M chocolate candy pieces). For me to not finish a McFlurry is unthinkable. Patti bailed-me-out eating hers and then mine (I ate maybe ten spoonfulls of my McFlurry before I said to Patti,  “No more.”). Unthinkable is what that is.

On the positive-side : I have indeed been drinking relatively copious quantities of my Chocolate Ensure Drink.

I nearly went to an Urgent Care Medical Facility before we drove up here yesterday. That in one statement is how I am feeling. A possible Urinary Tract Infection and some rectal bleeding. Patti said to me, “Let’s head back to Mayo in Phoenix.” .. I replied, “We are going to Laughlin to pickup Tom Tiger and driving to Las Vegas and then we are flying up North to Anchorage, Alaska, on Thursday.”

Las Vegas, Nevada to Seattle, Washington.



Then we fly from Seattle, Washington to Anchorage, Alaska.



24-hours from now this instant, we’ll be en route to Anchorage.

That is : God Be Willing and the props holding me up keep doing their job.

Over and Out for now.

Cap and Patti.

From Patti:  It is true both Cap and I were VERY sick a few weeks ago, each for a night and day, then I have been better, but Cap has not totally snapped back … not his usual energy.  And, the lack of appetite has been a REALLY noticeable symptom.  However, we have been doing things in spite of it … seeing museums, parks, local attractions, still going out to eat (where Cap has injested his food with less then his usual enthusiasm), and we have still enjoyed sightseeing along our road travels.  Not all bleak, just challenging.  We persevere, and … we will be home tomorrow!  Smiles to one and all!!

A photo-or-two. Well, maybe three photos.

Terrific Tom and the Oatman, Arizona, burros who think Tom IS INDEED TERRIFIC.

Terrific Tom has a lot of fun.

“We think that Patti is terrific too!” /s/ The Oatman, Arizona, burros.

“Oatman Burros you are indeed silly. You think anyone with burro food is terrific don’t you?”

Just driving around here is a never ending sight seeing experience.

A fun rest stop on the Oatman, Arizona, highway.

The City of Bullhead, Arizona, has a fine Community Park right on the Colorado River. The Colorado River in this location separates the states of Arizona and Nevada.

The below photos explain how Bullhead City got its name. I always thought a bullhead is a fish. I will start with a clear photo which explains the name and then show the plaque’ location.

So it was the name, Bull’s Head Rock, from whence the name Bullhead City originated.

Close up photos of the above informational plaques.

To the side of the above mine headframe is a historic schoolhouse.

The main focal-point of the park is the large picnic / meeting Pavillion. In the below photos we walk around this beautiful Pavillion.

Let’s walk down to the Colorado River side of the park.

Directly across the Colorado River from Bullhead City, Arizona, is Laughlin, Nevada. A nice sight to behold.

Lots to do for the children.

A very nice park indeed.


The time has come to press publish and put this Post on-line.

4 thoughts on “APR 25, 18 .. I SENT A TEXT TO A ‘BEST OF FRIENDS’

  1. Zilla

    Thursday, April 26, 2018 – noon
    Hi Cap and Patti,
    Well, well, well – Cap! When you can’t eat, or finish a “tuna sub” or a “McFlurry” you certainly are not feeeeeeling good! Not the Cap I know where you and I can wolf down any number of tuna sandwiches; and you not enjoying an “McFlurry”!! I am happy you are returning to Alaska – whereby I hope you get checked by a doctor (although I know you have had plenty of Dr’s check the past few weeks) – that’s not the Cap I know – I do hope that nothing is seriously upsetting you!! I really can’t think of you being this sick – or under the weather feeling as “Shi _ _ _” for all the years we have known each other! Maybe your trip home to Alaska with Patti will settle “things-down”!?! Maybe just settling down for a period of time with get “your gears” revening again… I hope you and Patti have a save trip back to Alaska. Keep smiling! (And of course I am sure Patti will certainly good care of you)

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      As I write, late in the afternoon on Friday the 27th, I have already visited an Urgent Care Center here in Anchorage. When it is ready to be picked up, we will get a very powerful, wide spectrum antibiotic call CIPRO to begin a 5 to 7 day regimen. As I write I want one thing : To get home, to lie down, and to sleep. Thanks ‘Zilla. Cap and Patti

  2. Greg De Young

    Dear Cap and Patti, Just caught up to date as of yesterday. Its hopeful you felt better yesterday. Sometimes bacteria can hang on and manifest in different ways. Cipro can kick ass. Spring is here and time for better health.. So I got to see Tom in action converting burros to Tiger fans. Our trip to California was a blast. Visited a high school friend I hadn’t seen in 41 years. We are doing ok. Going to meetings, slowly learning some new tricks. Love to you both, Greg and Tsering.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      The problem with CIPRO is this Greg. Yes it is powerful but it comes with issues of its own. So pleased and happy that you are now following along with us Greg and Tsering. Again, nice your California trip was so enjoyable.

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