Saturday, March 24th, I became almost ‘deathly ill’. I feel that I fell victim to a case of food poisoning picked up at a noon meeting during which I was eating finger foods with wild abandon. Vomiting and diarrhea. Sadly, then Patti (on Monday the 26th) herself was hit with what I had only much worse. Our Mayo Clinic nurse-line felt it was a flu (that was going-around) and not food poisoning.

For me this seemed to set-me-back healthwise. Things then progressed (very low energy) to the point that I self-diagnosed myself with a urinary tract infection (UTI) beginning around April 19th while in Kingman, Arizona. I should have immediately gotten medical attention (Urgent Care) but did not.

Back home in Anchorage, Alaska, this past Friday the 27th of April, I visited an Urgent Care Clinic and was given a 7-day regimen of CIPRO (1,000 mg / once daily) to treat the UTI.

This past Tuesday, the 1st of May, I saw my own doctor here in Anchorage. After examining me, he strongly recommended that I remain on the CIPRO regimen for an additional 7-days to Thursday May the 10th.

I feel that the CIPRO is beginning to work.

Patti is doing just fine thank you all.

Cap and Patti

2 thoughts on “MAY 3, 18 .. A VERY SHORT HEALTH UPDATE

  1. tom

    Hope you two are feeling better ! Thank You for all the kind words. It was a ‘win-win” as Ginny and I enjoyed a leisurley trip across AZ NM CO NE IA IL IN into Michigan. I positively will show my grandkids all the burro photos. Oatman IS a One of a kind place ! I know what you mean when 50 f. temp. seems cold, I am used to chilly Michigan spring weather, but it seems MUCH cooler after being out in the desert for months ! BTW the Suburban is running like a top, at home in yard near the R.O. Shrine. God Bless.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks Tom Terrific for all of your help. Happy you had a great trip back to Michigan. Life and its cycles continue to proceed. These health challenges seem to increase with age it looks-like-to-me. We take-a-hit and do not recover as rapidly as we once did. Smiles from the two of us.

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