In memory of all who served, we honor each and every one of our veterans as we celebrate Memorial Day 2018.

Memorial Day is the de-facto beginning of Summer 2018.

May your summer be the best ever.

Just the briefest touch-base here.

Oh Yes! Oh Yes Indeed!

My optimistic attitude of a week ago has proven out. I really am feeling one heck-of-a-lot better. In fact, aside from the seeming fact that this two-month bout with the ‘flu’ has taken something out of me I may never quite get back, I feel that I will be up to another trip over to Asia (Hong Kong, Mongolia, Russia) later on this year.

Thanks all of you for all of your support as I have struggled to get fully back-on-my-feet.

We are busy / busy /busy watching both the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Hockey League playoffs.

Later this afternoon, we will be tuned-in to Game 7 of the NBA Western Conference Finals down in Houston, Texas, as the Houston Rockets tip-off against the Golden State Warriors.

At the same time, we will also be watching Game 1 of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals between the Washington Capitals and the Las Vegas Golden Knights. Neither team has ever won the Stanley Cup so it will be fun to see who becomes a first-time winner.

I tried to upload some photos and for reasons unknown have not been able to do so. Suddenly I could.

Just North of Anchorage is the small but pleasant suburb of Eagle River, Alaska.

On Trip Advisor, Patti and I spied a small dessert shop named Avalanche Frozen Yogurt.

Nice outdoor seating for our warm summer evenings.

Into Avalanche Frozen Yogurt we walked.


Well, we were surprised that Avalanche Frozen Yogurt actually has a very nice menu of soups and sandwiches as well as sweets. They even serve breakfast. You know, with eggs and pancakes and toast and such.

At the back of the shop is a series of yogurt dispensing machines.

We served up a small, vanilla frozen yogurt and added finely-chopped-peppermint-candy pieces.

Then we got serious and served up a large chocolate and red velvet frozen yogurt, again with the finely-chopped-peppermint-candy pieces.

Oh Yum!

You pay by the weight of your bowl of frozen yogurt. Our bill was just under $15.

Looking from the rear of Avalanche Frozen Yogurt to the front of the shop.

There you have it. Eat dessert first.


Patti and Cap

4 thoughts on “MAY 28, 18 .. HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY 2018 .. WELCOME SUMMER 2018

  1. tom

    Hello Cap & Patti – Cap – glad you are feeling better ! Eagle River was one of the meetings I attended when in AK in ’97 or ’98 – I forget exactly. Last night Steve, John and Gary from B.mont Hosp. men’s all sent greetings. I am trying to stay on walking/exercise regimen that I set, I am keeping up in mileage, but wow, my times to walk or jog a mile are not what they used to be !! Also Ken and (motorcycle) Dave from R.O noontimers send their best. Ok, I am out of here ( R.O. library) 1 pm tiger game on, perfect for a walk with my little Radio Shack transistor radio. Cap – who are you pulling for in NBA ? And, in your opnion, M. Jordan or L. James, if you had 1 pick to send into Game # 7 – who’s your guy ? just imo, I think L. James is a tougher dude, I’d give him a slight edge. Patti- cyber hugs !

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks Tom for a great comment. My first ever meeting at the Star Group in Eagle River was in July of 1992. Thanks for the hello’s from the men’s meeting at Beaumont and Ken and Dave. Keep walking Tom. You said your times aren’t what they used to be. My Man, here at age 81-years it is finally ‘dawning on me’ that I am no longer what I used to be just a few years ago. This recent 2-month ’bout’ really took-it-out-of-me big time. NBA. Basically I am, more-or-less neutral Tom. I lived in the San Francisco / Oakland area for 33-years. So to some extent, I like the Warriors. On the other hand, how can one not-like and root for LeBron? LeBron or M.J. in a game 7. Whew. I will have to ponder that. Having seen both (live at Pistons games) play. Patti thanks you for your cyber-hugs hello Tom. Smiles from we two. Cap and Patti

  2. admin_andrej

    I’m happy you’re feeling better and putting up a few posts.
    It was a nice holiday for David and I as we enjoyed grass fed rib-eye’s on the grill. (wow.. what a difference in taste and digestion… as opposed to the cuts you get from the supermarket).
    I had no doubt you’d be feeling up to another trip and now it sounds like you are.
    Say hi to Patti and enjoy the Summer
    Andrej and Dave

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks so much Andrej and David. You better believe it feels great to feel so much better. You made me realize that I too am hungry for a good steak. I am going to just ‘cool it’ and wait awhile before I undertake another trip back overseas. Hopefully this year however, I am acutely aware that life’s time clock is ticking. Patti has read this comment and thanks you. Smiles from us .. Cap and Patti

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