Of course we can’t .. But if we could ..

“Would we ‘wish-our-lives-away’?”

This is how I am feeling about my upcoming trip to Seattle, to Seoul, South Korea, to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and to Irkutsk, Russian Siberia.

I wish it was time to go to the Anchorage International Airport and go through security, get to my boarding gate, board, and take off ..

Yep, I think that we could wish (at least) some parts of our lives away if we could do so. I can recall numerous sporting events that I ‘could-hardly-wait’ for them to occur. Patti and I can hardly wait for the next season of CBS’s Survivor to begin this upcoming Wednesday. Both of us wish that the restoration of our condo from the water damage was completed.

Yes, yours truly is now back in Anchorage, Alaska, and is just a tad restless in ‘doing-time’ until the October trip to Asia.

‘Zilla flew back to California last Thursday the 20th (we went to the airport at 3:30a.m.) and what a great seven day visit we two enjoyed. Patti got to be a part of it beginning last Tuesday evening and continuing over into Wednesday.

Oh yes! I have a lot-to-do before I leave but the time will (it always seems to) pass quickly.

Lord God enough of this jibber-jabber Captain!

Yeah-But, I have got to get warmed-up to do some Posts here and over on Blogspot. And this is how I am going to get warmed-up. Just by Doing-It.

Over and Out for now.



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