On August the 23rd .. See the below link ‘just-in-case’ you want to refresh your memory ..


Patti discovered that the carpet in our master bedroom was soaking wet.

August the 23rd mind you.

October the 3rd (yesterday) the issue was finally resolved.

A photo or two or three (many more than that Captain) now follow ..

What a nightmare.

In the first three photos below, you may notice that we painted the room.

The about-to-be replaced ‘former’ carpeting is shown in these photos.

We spent considerable money (our electric bill) running fans 24/7 for several weeks to dry out the wet carpet. Then we were advised to replace the carpet. We two should (don’t should on me Captain) have known this immediately. We wasted a lot of money on the fans.

A little peek at our painting supplies (housed in our bathtub).

Now a few photos to show you where the massive bed frame and other things (like the bookcases) were stored in the meantime.

Not shown here are the boxes and boxes and more boxes holding books from the bookshelves and other items (you know, like the telephone we can’t find yet).

“Geez Captain? Are the two-of-you still speaking to one-another?” Well .. long pause .. More or less ..

In came Keith (the man dressed in blue) and Colton (his assistant dressed in brown with the cap). On time (actually early) and they went to work.

While all of the above drama was going-on, Patti was resting-her-eyes. Sleeping (since August 25th) on the floor of our living/dining room.

Voila. Suddenly, it took less than two hours, the new carpet was installed.

About this point, Patti came-to-life (she had no where to go mind-you) and I left for the library.

When I called from the library about three-some-hours later to tell Patti I was coming home I (hesitantly) asked Patti .. “Have the crew that moved the furniture been able to return yet?”

“Oh yes.” Patti said cheerily. And Voila they had.

The Rest Of That Story is : When the furniture movers left they did know know IF they would even be back yesterday. So we were almost stuck for another night. They are NOT furniture movers. They are master plumbers / carpenters who do maintenance. They did-us-a-favor to move the bed frame etc.


“That is that.”

Cap and Patti

Both of us considerably numb.

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