In going-through my camera items yesterday, I stumbled upon a long-ago, lost-and-forgotten, memory chip.

When I loaded the chip into one of my cameras to see what was on it, lo-and-behold, I found some memories from a trip Patti and I made to her 50th High School Reunion back ten years ago in August of 2008.

Patti attended two high schools. Her most memorable high school was the one she attended for three years, from being an incoming freshman to completing her junior year.

Covina California, Home of the Colts, and some memories for Patti.

After visiting Patti’s former High School, we visited the street she lived on and saw her home where she lived back in the 1950’s.


One of Patti’s best friends, Claire, lived across the street. Patti and I, along with Claire, were able to briefly visit that home, thanks to a kind and friendly neighbor.

On this date, October 14, 1903, my father was born. Happy Birthday Cake Dad!

This upcoming Tuesday, the 16th of October, 2018, God Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise, I will board a plane and fly to Seattle. Then on Wednesday the 17th I will be off for South Korea. Then to Mongolia the 23rd.

As usual, it is a bit-of-a-scramble getting ready for a long trip overseas.

Patti just suggested that I resume getting ready for my trip.

Smiles from the two of us ..

Patti and Cap

3 thoughts on “OCT 14, 18 .. A BLAST FROM THE PAST JUST FOR PATTI

  1. Patti Boone

    This post brought back lots of memories. My folks moved in my senior year and I had to finish at a new school, but .. I did go back to Covina for graduation .. had a very active first 3 years there, student gov’t, drill team major, active in clubs, and, of course, keeping up my grades. Covina, California was a happy time for me! Thanks, Cap, for the return trip!! Hugs!!!

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