Cap has just given me instructions on how to do a post .. in case he wants me to post something when he is traveling and I am not .. and how to keep all of you up to date on the TRAVEL page on the website so you will know where he is.  So, I am practicing.  Thank you for indulging me by reading this far!  I was not sure I even wanted to learn how to do this, but I wrote down all of Cap’s directions, and, it is not as difficult or as confusing as I thought it would be!!

Cap has been VERY BUSY these past few days “getting ready” for his trip (not to mention all the busy and heavy work he did while we were having and recovering from the bedroom flood this past month and a half).  His being VERY BUSY these past few days has included doing a number of things that have had little to do with packing.  He is, however, getting a number of piles of ‘things’ whittled down and various things done around the condo that I would not have catagorized as priorities, but they are things that will make it nicer for me here.  (Smiles .. ).

I will join Cap on this trip once I get some extensive dental things wrapped up here, likely in late November or early December, if not before .. if it sounds like he is having way too much fun for me to be missing the fun.

Meanwhile, thanks for reading the practice session, if you are still with me!

Gratefully signing off .. Patti

6 thoughts on “OCT 15, 18 .. PATTI IN PRACTICE MODE

  1. Cap

    A great start My Dear One. Thanks for undertaking this trial run in writing and publishing a Post. Not all that hard is it? Smiles and Thanks .. Cap

  2. zilla

    Monday, October 15, 2018 – 2:30 pm
    Hit Patti and Cap,
    Great start! Always looking forward to what you two have going on! It’s great your apartment is back to normal – expecially since Cap will be off to see the world tomorrow!

    1. Patti Boone

      Our condo is definitely NOT back to normal. Cap IS in the air and actively on his trip. Remaining are not only all the stacks of ‘stuff’ that I am determined will only go back into the bedroom after passing my throw away/donate/return to the bedroom test and endeavor … in progress … but also the disarray of stuff left from Cap’s departure! I have a project ahead, but am actually looking forward to it! Smiling …

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