For What It’s Worth .. I just published a post on blogspot ..


Yesterday is now today.

The date above is Sunday the 21st.

As I write these few words, it is actually Monday Morning the 22nd of October and I am busy getting myself together to fly to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, tomorrow morning the 23rd.

Will all of you help me welcome a very, VERY important and brand-new member of my Traveling Bobbsey Team!

Yes. Sad to say, with the arrival of the new Bobbsey, another Bobbsey had to leave my team permanently. My years-old Samsonite Suitcase no longer has fully functioning wheels.

“But Dad! I DO have wheels Dad!”

“Yes you do have wheels BUT they are small and do NOT roll at all well.”

The bottom line became this : I had to lift him up (about 40-pounds) and physically carry him. Impossible for the long-term.

Check out the wheels on my new bag.

They are really first class.

So it was absolutely necessary for me to upgrade to a new suitcase.

I had a special moment. On Sunday, a good friend from Mongolia, Oldokh, met up with us, had dinner and went to a meeting with us. Great evening.

I met Oldokh in Mongolia in July of 2015.

When I got off the plane in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Oldokh and Deegi were there-to-meet-me. So great to see him now over three years later.

As perhaps only Patti fully knows and understands, the day before I travel is usually a high stress day for me. So it is today, Monday the 22nd of October.

I can hardly believe that tomorrow I will again be back in Mongolia.


I can hardly wait ..

Because ..

Next up is Irkutsk, in Southern Russian Sibera ..

Smiles and Over And Out .. I’ve lots-to-do trust me.


Note to Myself : Captain! Give yourself a break. Don’t forget, nor dismiss in any way whatsoever, that you are far from being fully past the 17-hour Jet Lag you are experiencing.

2 thoughts on “OCT 21, 18 .. JUST A BRIEF CHECK-IN ..

  1. Patti Boone

    YES, YES, YES, a new suitcase with modern wheels and a ‘cruising handle’ .. Mr. Samsonite served well but became cumbersome. My small silver carry-on bag originally came from Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea in 1988, so we now have relatives! Great that you connected with Oldokh, one of the very first of two faces you saw when you stepped onto Mongolia soil three years ago. I can feel your enthusiasm for your Korea visit but also the anticipation of what lies ahead, Mongolia and Irkutsk, Siberia. Safe travels! Love, Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Too TOO funny. Our two bags are related. Both born to us here in Seoul, South Korea. Itaewon no less. How funny is that? Khoso said that I have no idea of what it must have meant for me to have sought out Oldokh to meet with us. To take him to dinner. To a meeting. He was hanging back at the meeting (sitting outside of the table circle) and I emphatically brought him to sit immediately beside me right up front at the head of the table. I also explained (Do we have any visitors here this evening?) to the meeting who he was. Great re-connection. Soul satisfying indeed. Much Love .. Cap

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