OCT 22, 18 .. WHAT IS .. IS


Today as I write here (no matter the official publication date of this Post), here in Seoul, South Korea, it is Tuesday morning, the 23rd of October. And I am literally only a scant few minutes from leaving for the airport to fly to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Well let’s say I am only a scant few hours. This instant it is (local time) 4:52am and I’ll walk out of Terry and Kathy’s flat (with Terry handling my bags) at about (local time) 8:30am. Terry will then drive me to the Hamilton Hotel where Tandy and Peter and I will meet-up. Our airport bus stops at the Hamilton.

I wanted to leave at 7:30am. Tandy said she wants us to leave at 9am. Our flight is at 2:40pm (14:20 hours). Korean Air said be at Seoul Terminal Number 1 at least 3-hours early. That translates to our being there at 11:30am. Terry said that leaving at 9am would still be very conservative. I said, “I still want to leave at 7:30am so we’ll go separately Tandy.” Tandy said (with some emphasis ) “Cap. Peter and I want you to be with us. We want to help you.” I said, “OK. 9am it will be.”

Once an AA friend said to me that so-and-so was praying for me. I said we’re not friends. He said, “Cap. Take all the help you can get!”

I may be a bit numb, but I am not stupid.

What is .. IS !

I now have had (count them) three bothersome incidents occur on this trip to this date.

And Oh-Please, don’t even to begin to lay-upon-me some idiotic concept that I am bringing these on myself, as in, they are becoming self-fulfilling prophecies.

  1. In the Seattle airport, my feet got somehow entangled with the foot pedals on my wheel chair and I was going down. Luckily my wheel chair attendant ‘caught me’ at some risk to herself I must add.
  2. Here, this afternoon, in the bedroom, as I was packing my things, my feet got tangled up with each other and (extremely gently, in almost super-slow-motion) down onto the bed yours truly went (I just sort of glided down).
  3. Then later after soaring down onto the bed, I was sitting here, cool and calm, doing a Post. Then I moved ever so slightly  to my left and ‘something’ in my left knee ‘popped’. The knee that the Mayo Clinic ‘shot up’ with a corticosteroid injection way back in December 2016. I rubbed it, I had a little-chat with it, and it settled down. I checked and yes, I have some prescription celebrex with me.

I won’t even mention a fourth one (as I now am going to do just that) the fact that, in handling all of this heavy luggage, I have kind-of-sort-of strained my left wrist.

This is why I am not letting my ‘be super careful’ guard down.

I am NOT yet where I am going, (for me the elusive) Irkutsk, Russian Siberia.

In August of 2017, I was three days from boarding a train to Irkutsk with a Mongolian friend and my left-kidney-issue arose.

IF I get to Irkutsk and fall-down-dead (on the way down) I will think .. “Thank You God for getting me here.”

You want an obsession? You have got an obsession.

I’ll buy, it no objection.

Am I like the salmon going upstream to where I was born to die? That I’ll never know now will I?

Well as our friend Simon oft said ..

Here I am wandering the streets of my mind.

What a ride. I can hardly believe that I am here, that I now have-done a little bit of Seoul, South Korea, and now am out-and-off for Mongolia.

We (Tandy and her son Peter and yours truly) will catch an airport bus at the Hamilton Hotel.

Oh YES ! I am Smiling from ear-to-ear.

Wish me luck.



Right now my Bose headphones are working perfectly. As I wrote the above, I have been humming along to my own music.

Press Publish Captain. We’re finished with this. We’re now going back-to-bed. 5:15am local time in Seoul.

2 thoughts on “OCT 22, 18 .. WHAT IS .. IS

  1. Patti Boone

    Three, now four bothersome incidents. I am happy that Tandy, as of your post, has prevailed and you will be going with her and Peter to the airport .. and, you will let them help you. Think, Cap, of ALL the times you have helped people throughout your life. Now is your time. “There is a time to be a giver and a time to be a receiver, and sometimes you have to be a receiver in order to allow another to be a giver.” .. a quote from a beloved friend of mine oh so many years ago. Travel safely, with HELP. Much love, Patti

  2. Gullible

    AH, welcome to the newest Bobbsey. I see you chose well after carefully considering the dimensions of the new suitcase, its ability to carry all the crap, I mean stuff, you carry with you, and the absolutely perfect wheels!

    I think it is the wheels that impress me the most. Because you are going to Mongolia and Outer Siberia in the winter, those wheels are quite important. They appear to be sturdy enough to a) be equipped with chains, or b) be accommodated with steel studs.

    Good job, Cap.

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